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Abandoned baby discovered in NYC apartment lobby

NYPD continues search for infant’s mother, who could face child endangerment charges

Abandoned baby discovered in the lobby of a Brooklyn apartment on Saturday. Image via NYPD.

New York resident Chen Ling got an unlikely surprise when she took out her trash Saturday afternoon.

On her way to the garbage drop, Ling discovered an abandoned baby boy lying in the lobby of her Brooklyn apartment. The infant, estimated to be between 2 and 3 months old, was nestled in a car seat and covered in blankets.

“I felt broken-hearted and very concerned for the child,” Ling told the New York Post. “I hope the parents will realize their mistake for abandoning their child like that.”

After alerting her neighbors, Ling, 60, informed her landlord who then called the police.

Fellow resident Reggie Chan, 17, told the New York Post that the baby was crying and sneezing, probably because the weather was chilly in Brooklyn that afternoon.

The NYPD could not find the baby’s parents after canvassing the neighborhood.

Medics took the infant to nearby Lutheran Medical Center, where sources say he was determined to be in good health.

Evidence suggests the baby was abandoned by someone who either could not or did not want to take care of him. A bag found next to the infant contained fresh diapers and bottle with baby formula. However, police did not find a note.

The missing parents could face child endangerment charges under New York law for abandoning their son.