Houston infant kidnapped eight years ago found alive

Krystle Rochelle Tanner, 26, allegedly kidnapped infant 8 years ago, boy is still alive. Mug Shot via San Augustine County Sheriff's Dept.

A baby who was reportedly kidnapped eight years ago from his Houston, Texas home is apparently alive and being returned to his family after police finally tracked down his kidnapper with the help of Child Protective Services. Krystle Tanner was the victims babysitter and alleged kidnapper when the victim was 8 months old. It is believed Tanner, who was a neighbor to the victim and his family,  took off with the baby and continued to elude police for years, until recently. The baby has grown into an 8-years-old boy and is currently awaiting reunification after his kidnapper was turned into the Sheriff’s office by CPS who responded to a tip of alleged abuse.

After the boy, Miguel Antonio Morin was kidnapped in 2004, a year long investigation ensued but police were never able to close in on any leads. According to NBC 14 News, a year later, in 2005, the case was taken to the Harris County District Attorney, but a warrant was never issued due to a technicality. In 2006, the case was officially closed after police were unable to provide the District Attorney with the exact date the baby went missing.

Upon Tanner’s arrest, she was said to be uncooperative and defiant, refusing to admit any wrongdoing. Tanner’s sister called police to tell them the boy was currently staying with her. CPS is coordinating a meeting for which the sister of the alleged perpetrator can hand him over to CPS custody.