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Daughter of viral video laptop shooting dad, "He over-reacted"

Tommy Jordan and his daugher Hannah Marie dish on dad's brand of discipline on the Today Show

Hannah Marie, the 15-year-old daughter of Tommy Jordan who shot up her laptop on a viral video, talks to Matt Lauer about how it's affected her. Screen shot via the Today Show.

The daughter of the man who shot up her laptop after she posted a rant on her Facebook page (about how unfairly she was treated by her parents), was on the Today show this morning to discuss her father’s famous viral video and how it affected her. Hannah Marie said she thought her dad may have “over-reacted just a little”. But ultimately, she said, she understood why her father took such an extreme measure to prove a point. She says she’s no longer angry about it.

She spoke about her and her father’s relationship in the aftermath of the viral video to Matt Lauer:

“We went our separate ways for a while, but we were able to laugh about it afterwards.”

Tommy Jordan, Hannah’s father, was also on hand, responding to the controversy surrounding the use of what Matt Lauer described as “foul language”, the use of a gun and public humiliation to get a point across. Jordan said that he sticks behind what he did:

“I did what I did and stand behind what I did. We tried everything else, so we had to get down to her level.”

Controversial photo of Tommy Jordan putting a few rounds of ammo into daughter's laptop. Screen shot via You Tube.

Mr. Jordan also said that he’s received tens of thousands of emails a day, mostly in support of his actions, but many from angry protestors who disagree with how he handled the situation. He said some have even offered to buy his daughter a new laptop, a gesture Mr. Jordan flatly rejects. He said to give her a new laptop ‘misses the point’.

Mr. Jordan also said that the only regret he has in posting the video was the viral nature of it. He said that even Child Protective Services have been involved and the publicity has placed their lives under a microscope, with every move they make and every word they say analyzed for public scrutiny.

Hannah’s mother, Dr. Amy Jordan, said this only proved the point to Hannah that they were trying to make, “Don’t put on the web what you don’t want the whole world to see.”

To which Hannah admits, was a lesson well learned.

Jordan ended the interview by saying that he has a great daughter:

“She made a mistake that day. I made a mistake that day, I stand behind what I did, but the consequences were larger than what hers were. I have a great daughter. She’s smart, she’s intelligent, she’s in all honor classes. She’s socially adapted well.”