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Indianapolis: Toddler found wandering streets alone and cold

Eric Sherwood, 27, and Alice Downey, 24, arrested after toddler found roaming the streets alone in the cold and rain. Mug shots via Indianapolis PD.

An Indianapolis, Indiana toddler, age-2, was found wandering the streets in 39 degree weather, with only a short sleeved shirt, jeans and one shoe. A concerned citizen contacted police after noticing the boy wandering on his own, without proper clothing to shield him from the rain and cold temperatures. Police picked up the boy and began knocking on neighborhood doors to try to find out where he lived. Officers finally found the child’s home, an apartment described in police reports to be ‘filthy, with dishes and food stacked all over the kitchen.

According to WISH TV 8, police also found pot smoking paraphernalia in the parents apartment. The boy’s mother, Alice Downey, 24, said that set the boy down by the front door while she played video games. She also readily admitted to smoking marijuana earlier that morning. The father, Eric Sherwood, 27, claims to have been asleep when the toddler escaped. Police believe the boy unsupervised from 6 am until they knocked on the door at 8 am.

Both Downey and Sherwood were arrested for child neglect with possible drug charges pending.

The toddler is now in custody of the Department of Child Services.