Alleged abduction: Missing Connecticut infant and mother found safely

CT mother on probation allegedly took infant on New Haven train after failing to return to drug rehab center. Photo via Michael Femia Flickr Commons.

A missing baby girl and her mother who have been missing since Wednesday night, have been located safely. Kelly Acevedo and her infant daughter were reported missing by Acevedo’s mother and the child’s father. A silver alert was issued Thursday, and by early morning Friday, Kelly Acevedo and her seven and a half month old baby girl, Emily, were found safely in a motel in Norwalk, CT.

Avecedo had been a client at Crossroads, a drug rehabilitation center in New Haven, CT. She was staying at the center’s ‘Amethyst House’ when she disappeared. The child is technically in the custody of the Department of Children and Families, but stays with her mother at the treatment center under the supervision of the DCF.

Avecedo was given a 24-hour pass to attend a court hearing on Wednesday in Norwalk, where she had been sentenced to one year of probation and a suspended 90-day jail sentence for a sixth-degree larceny charge. Acevedo and her child were supposed to have returned to the treatment center after the court date. Lt. Ashley Gonzalez, Commander of the Youth Bureau said of Acevedo’s disappearance that “It’s unusual” and “My understanding is that she’s been cooperative up until now.”

Gonzalez was also unaware that Acevedo was due in court. Workers from the rehabilitation center were unsuccessful in trying to contact Acevedo. Assistant Public Defender James Lamontagne received a phone call from the treatment center at around 9:00 AM on Wednesday asking Lamontagne if Acevedo attended her court hearing, and if he knew where she went after that.

Lamontagne said, “This was a shock to me. She seemed fine to me, the baby was fine. Everything was good.”

Lamontagne also added that Acevedo’s probation required her to return to the treatment center in New Haven to continue her treatment. David O’Connor, a Norwalk Police Sergeant said that the state Department of Children and Families called the Norwalk Police at around 8:55 AM to report the child missing. On Thursday the Norwalk police contacted the State Police to request the silver alert, and from there the alert was issued through the state’s emergency alert system at 12:55 PM.

Acevedo had been spotted on a train heading back to New Haven by Andrew Vazzano, who runs a blog, ‘People of Metro North’. Vazzano had taken a snapshot of Acevedo at about 9:10 PM Thursday evening, because he thought she was interesting. But when he had heard about the disappearance, he recognized the woman as Acevedo. Gonzalez confirmed it was her as well. At the moment, it is unclear whether or not Acevedo will face any charges.