Texas teens find a 'new' high – The Choking Game

According to a study conducted by the Crime Victims Institute at Sam Houston State University, an alarming number of college students are participating in the Fainting

An alarming number of teenagers are indulging in the choking game. Photo courtesy: Google Images

Game (also known a space monkey and choking game),  a dangerous practice that refers to deliberate strangulation, with the intention of inducing a temporary euphoria.
Dr. Glen Kercher, director of the Crime Victims’ Institute, says the study was undertaken to find out “who is playing the game, in what context and how they learned about it”.

The survey – conducted at a Texas University involving 837 students – shows that 16 per cent of the students had tried the ‘game’ at least once, while 72 per cent had played it more than once. The primary motivation was “curiosity”.
The average age when students first played the game was 14.

Brittany Longino Smith, who co-authored the study  with Dr. Kercher and Dr. Leana Bouffard, says that it is imperative for parents to discuss this activity with their children.

Teenagers indulging in the Choking Game report a common experience: “a sense of dreaming…somewhere not on earth kinda feeling. But then it only lasts for a few seconds and when you wake up … you don’t know where you are or what’s going on.”

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