Harmful chemicals in Johnson's Baby Shampoo's

Formaldehyde is found in baby shampoos like these.
Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is the name most moms trust to gently and safely clean their babies. That shouldn’t be the case, according to an international coalition of healthcare and environmentalists that are calling on the company to remove 2 harmful, cancer causing chemicals from the shampoo. The Associated Press says there are safer versions of the shampoo already in production, but Johnson & Johnson is not taking the steps to make it worldwide.

The chemicals in question are Dioxane and a substance being called Quaternium-15, which releases Formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is typically used for embalming corpses and disinfectant, Johnson & Johnson says it’s in the shampoo as a disinfectant to kill bacteria. A known carcinogen, Formaldehyde can also cause respiratory and skin irritation.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has been urging the company to remove the chemicals for two-and-a-half years without success. Johnson & Johnson has said that they are reducing or gradually phasing out the chemicals, but there is no time frame attached to that statement and they will not reveal whether all traces of the chemicals will be removed.

The shampoo is sold in the US and other countries including China and the UK.

“Johnson & Johnson clearly can make safer baby shampoo in all the markets around the world, but it’s not doing it,” says the director of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Lisa Archer.

Their newest report, “Babies Tub is Still Toxic” was placed on their website Tuesday along with the launching of their boycott of the shampoo. That can be seen at www.safecosmetics.org.

Dioxane is known as a “probable” carcinogen and is found in several of the company’s products and while it is not found in their new shampoo Johnson’s Naturals, the original baby wash still contains it. Costing consumers about half as much, for a potentially harmful product.