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NFL Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert drops the 'MF' bomb

Not for little ears

QB Blaine Gabbert, 22, may not want to kiss his mother with that mouth. Photo via NFL stat photo.

Warning, NFL games may not be appropriate for children, as evident in the Sunday Jaguars-Texans game. In the heat of the moment, Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert, 22, was clearly heard over the microphone saying, “Whoa there, motherf*cker.”

The censors weren’t fast enough to beep out the word vomit, potentially leaving parents in man caves everywhere changing the subject rather quickly if little ones were present.

Gabbert let the swear fly loud and clear but apparently didn’t know that microphones could pick him up.

The curse word was unleashed as Texans linebacker, Brian Cushing, ran him off the sideline after diving for Gabbert. The 4-yard gain in the third quarter resulted in some bad sportsmanship on the part of the rookie player.

According to the Houston Chronicle, viewers picked up on the “oops” moment resulting in his name trending on Twitter shortly after the mishap.

Perhaps parents can use the spectacle as a teaching moment for their children. It’s only human to lose your temper and just because you’re an NFL player, doesn’t mean you’re perfect.