Brooklyn infant dies after hospital gives him adult dose of antibiotics

Baby allegedly dies from an overdose of antibiotics given to him by medical staff at a New York hospital. Photo via Jyn Meyer.

Amaan Ahmmad, a 6-month-old baby boy has allegedly died due to an overdose of an antibiotic through an IV drip. All while in the care of Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn New York, the infant baby was administered an adult dosage of azithromycin (Zithromax) that caused him to slip into a coma and was soon pronounced brain dead. The Daily News reported that the infants cousin, Jhora Akther took the baby to the emergency room for medical care for a fever of 100 degrees. Where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and immediately placed on antibiotic. The amount given was said to be 6 times the normal dose for a baby that age.

“I’m like ‘Look, look my baby’s dying! My baby’s dying!’ And then nurse came over and said ‘No, you’re baby’s pretty good. He’s sleeping,’” The first time parents, Ummay Sultana and Amain Ahmmad told CBS news.

After over a half an hour the nurses began to notice there was a problem with the baby. The deadly medical mistake has taken baby Amaan.

“Nobody can feel worse for the family than the doctors and nurses that were involved in this child’s care,” said family pediatrician Dr. Suzanne Loiselle.

Brookdale hospital refused to comment on the circumstance and only released that there will be an investigation. The New York City Medical examiner determined baby Amaan tragic death was deemed an accident. Funeral services will be on Thursday for friends and family.