Theories: Where is missing baby Lisa Irwin?

Everyone from experts to moms at the local playdates have their theories about what happened to

Parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin give interviews as experts and the public weigh in on what happened to baby Lisa. Screen shot via the Today Show.

Adding to the ‘who dunnit’ mystery of missing 10 month old infant (now 11 months old), Lisa Irwin, a surveillance video was just released showing a man whom witnesses claim was holding an improperly dressed baby on a chilly night while walking down the street near the baby’s home the night she went missing.

Police are remaining mum on who the mystery man is or if they’ve followed up on the compelling lead. Their silence has the family’s attorney trying to sway media to be questioning the competency of the police’s investigation. Meanwhile, all of the police’s efforts seem to focus on the missing baby’s parents as potential persons of interest and their home as a crime scene.

National forensic pathologist and expert, Micael Baden, gave his theory about what might have happened shorlty after Kansas City, MO police released a statement claiming that cadaver dogs ‘hit’ on the scent of the missing baby in the mother’s bed. He theorized that the mother, Deborah Bradley, after admitting that she was so drunk that she may have passed out the night Lisa disappeared, could have rolled over on the baby, suffocating her to death.

Other theories being floated around are — being that Lisa was supposedly fussy the night she vanished (Bradley said she had a cold and a bug bite that evening) yet was able to calm the baby down enough to drink with her neighbor while Lisa lay sleeping, unattended. Could it be that she gave baby Lisa too much cold medicine or a lethal dose of Benadryl to put her asleep?

In either of these cases, the question still arises — where is the body?

If the man on the surveillance video did take baby Lisa Irwin, why? Could he have been tipped off about the mother’s drinking? Does the neighbor know anything? Was the baby sold? Did this man know the family?

A 1997 Washington State study revealed that 88.5% of stranger abductions ended with the child being murdered within the first 24 hours.