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Blind little leaguer pitches no-hitter

Little leaguer throws no hitter despite being legally blind. Via Google images

When it comes to individual achievement in a team sport, throwing a no-hitter has got to be one of the most impressive feats possible. Imagine facing 27 batters, each with the goal of getting a hit, and being able to frustrate and confuse all 27 of them, making them come up empty. Now imagine doing that without the benefit of sight.

Meet 15-year-old Doug Wells of Manasquan, N.J. Doug recently had the thrill of pitching a no-hitter on a Little League baseball field. Doug, the eldest son of Rob and Jill Wells,  is also legally blind.

As an infant, Wells was diagnosed with glaucoma and since then he has undergone numerous surgeries to try and limit his loss of sight. Even though things have been tougher for him than most kids, his family has always taught him not to have limitations.

Doug says his vision is blurry but he can vaguely make out the catcher’s mitt when he pitches. When batting, he only catches a glimpse of the ball a moment before it gets to him. In addition to baseball, Doug alsolikes basketball and he has recently started playing football. 

Doug’s brother Alec expressed his admiration: “It’s hard to describe how proud I am of him. I mean, when he threw his no-hitter, I was all over him about it. I went to school and said, ‘Hey-hey, my brother threw a no-hitter! And he’s half-blind.’ It’s amazing.”