Texas teen gets restraining order against Child Protective Services

14 year old girl's parents file for order of protection against CPS

Teen and her family just want CPS to leave them alone so they sue them and win.

A 14 year old Texas teen reportedly had to endure alleged abuse in a group home where she resided for a year and a half, having been taken away from her family over an incident which was reported by KHOU TV to be a misunderstanding. The girl eventually ran away from the group home and the girls parents found her after a case worker called her home and reported her missing. The family’s lawyer claims that the case worker told the family that ‘if they found her, they could keep her’.

The family’s lawyer contends that thousands of children are needlessly taken from their families every year and placed into foster homes or group homes where they are abused.

The girl’s family decided to fight back. They took CPS to court and asked for an order of protection, which the judge granted. The court ordered CPS to stay away from the girl and stop harming the chld in the name of “protecting” her.

The National Coalition for Child Protection Reform says this is the first time they’ve heard of filing restraining orders against Children and Family Services. The family of the teen hopes that this sends a message to CPS agencies nationwide — to help children in real danger and stop using valuable resources to place children who are loved in abusive situations.