Child Molester receives 19-year sentence

After becoming intoxicated in St. Paul, Minnesota last May, John Heuer walked over to the busy Laundromat next door where he saw two young sisters. According to witnesses he told them they “looked pretty today.”Their mother ran him off but undeterred, he returned and kidnapped the younger girl, only 8-years-old.

From there he put the girl in his truck and drove her to his Spring Lake Park home where he kissed and fondled her before performing oral sex and forcing her to do the same. An Amber Alert was issued but miraculously only hours after her kidnapping; the girl escaped on her own, and was returned to her family when found by citizens.

 Upon his arrest he claimed the girl’s mother had accepted $100 dollars for him to take her and use her as a prostitute, as he objected to the crime of kidnapping. This was quickly proven untrue.

He waived his right to a trial by jury and plead guilty to kidnapping and sexual assault.

 At his sentencing on Friday, September 23rd, Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Verdeja prompted the judge for the full sentence, citing the multiple acts of assault, and the girl’s age and size, at eight years old; she’s only 3 feet tall and weighs 30 pounds.

Anoka County District Judge Jenny Walker Jasper sentenced him to 19 years in prison, close to the maximum penalty allowed by the state.

“I wish I could just make this all go away.” said Judge Jasper, “All I can do is try to protect public safety.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune says Heuer called himself a “monster” on that day, and claims that during the truck ride to his townhome, he’d considered turning around and bringing the girl back to her family, but he was too frightened.

Her therapist states in a victim impact letter that she has nightmares and excessively scans her environment for danger, she will require therapy for much of her life.