Police discover teenage girl strapped with bomb in Australia

Bomb experts are believed to be fighting to defuse the bomb, at a large mansion in Sydney

Australian police have found a teenage girl wearing a ‘collar bomb’ – explosives which are strapped around her neck.

A snapshot of Millionaires Row, in Sydney. Photo Source: Sky.

The 18-year-old girl was inside a mansion along a street known as ‘Millionaires Row’: it is being reported that a man wearing a balaclava entered the house and strapped the bomb around the girl, along with a ransom note.

Eight hours later, the girl is still inside the house, wearing the explosives – she has Police with her, to keep her calm, while investigations about the explosives are made. At the moment, the bomb is thought to be live, according to Sky News.

Reports suggest that the girl is the daughter of one of the wealthiest families, and is in her final year at school. The note has been described as ‘threatening’, and it thought to be demanding money.

Millionaires Row has been evacuated, and fire services and ambulances are close by. Police would give no indication on how close they were to diffusing the bomb – instead just stating this was a ‘delicate operation’.