FBI collects items from home of missing girl Celina Cass

Where is Celina Cass?

Home of Celina Cass, where she was last seen Monday night on the computer. Screen shot via Today Show.

As search efforts continue for an 11 year old New Hamsphire girl who simply vanished from her family’s home last Monday night, police and FBI struggle for clues in her mysterious disappearance. It’s being reported by MSNBC News that FBI agents feel the key to unlocking the mystery may be in what the young girl was doing when her parents last saw her on the computer. The last trace of computer activity will likely be crucial in understanding what happened next.

Search efforts have extended beyond the micro-local area of the girl’s small town of 800 people in Stewartstown, NH to include Canada, which is only a few minutes away from where she went missing and which also borders Vermont. Police efforts have been largely hampered by the spotty cell phone service in the area as well.

While the police and FBI have remained tight-lipped over the release of any clues, all they’ve given a curious and concerned public is that they have not ruled anybody out as a suspect and that there were no signs of a struggle. Five days after the police searched the family home and took boxes of items including the family computer, it’s likely that some computer forensics have showed up, but some experts speculate that authorities are keeping those forensics private in order to make a case for when and if they do find Celina Cass, dead or alive.

Celina Cass pictured far right, with friends, had an open Facebook account. Picture via Facebook.

Right now, many have cast doubt on the girl’s step-father, Wendell Noyes, with reports that have surfaced revealing a clinical mental disorder, having been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in the past, but police have been very careful to not name him a ‘person of interest’ at this time. Very little is know about Cass’ mother at this time. Friends also say that she is devastated and cannot speak about Celina without sobbing. Police have said that both the mother and the step-father have been very cooperative in the case so far and that there is no evidence to move the search forward as a criminal case.

While Celina’s mother and step-father have remained voluntarily silent, avoiding the media, they did release a statement yesterday which read in part:

“Our beautiful Celina is a happy child who brings much love and joy into the lives of those who know her. Her safe and speedy return is our sole priority and focus.

We remain hopeful and vigilant and trust in the investigative abilities of the authorities involved. We pray that our little girl is returned home soon.

We plead for answers and ask if you saw or know anything at all, however insignificant you may think your information is, that you come forward now without hesitation and share it with our investigators.

And Celina, if you can hear this now, please know how much we love and we miss you. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers. We will not stop searching for you until you are back in our arms.”

Both Wendell Noyes and Celina’s mother are staying in a hotel in Canaan, Vermont, near their families home. Yesterday Noyes came out the hotel room and told the press, “Right now, we’re in the process of grieving.”