Mum accused of faking mental illness after murdering her children

Fiona Donnison "100% likely to be feining psychological problems"

Fiona Donnison is accused of murdering her two children, 3 year old Elise and 2 year old Harry, after convincing herself her partner was having an affair. She had taken a large amount of a sleeping aid before attending a police station, where she handed herself in. Her children’s bodies were found in holdalls in the back of her car.

Donnison was assessed by two psychologists, one of home is Sandra Krljes. Krljes stated; “The test indicated that she was feigning metal and cognitive impairment, and therefore her report is considered unreliable.” Krljes has also said there is a “clear discrepancy” in the way Donnison behaves infront of psychologists and nursing staff.

However, the second psychologist did not believe Donnison was faking illness.

Donnison is currently on trial for the murder of her children. The prosecution allege that she killed the children to get revenge on her partner after convincing herself he was having an affair. The defence claim she was suffering from depression at the time of the killing.