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Prussian Blue girls grow up, denounce white supremacy

Lamb and Lynx Gaede become 'recovering racists'

Teen twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede are denouncing the hate filled songs that once made them infamous.

As part of the singing duo Prussian Blue, the girls started their “hate rock” career at the age of 11, singing songs with lyrics like, “Aryan man awake, how much more will you take, turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake,” and “too many white men choose wrong over white over the fight.”

But Lamb and Lynx, age 19, are singing a different tune and have put their Aryan Nation days behind them.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Lynx blamed their views on youth, being home schooled by their white nationalist mother, and being “country bumpkins” and spending “most of our days up on the hill playing with our goats.”

Lamb added, “I was just spouting a lot of knowledge that I had no idea what I was saying.”

The twins also credited a move to Montana and enrolling in public school for their change in attitude. Lynx says she is now “proud of humanity” and “stoked that [the United States has] so many different cultures.”

The two also have a new cause other than white power to champion — legalization of marijuana. Lynx started using medical marijuana after discovering she had cancer her freshman year of high school, and Lamb said she uses it to help with “chronic back pain.”

Their mother, April Gaede, who still hopes to one day start her own all-white community, blames the change of heart on peer pressure, telling ABC, “[Lamb and Lynx] are saying what everyone wants to hear so they won’t be harassed anymore. Let’s face it, it’s not popular to be a white separatist, and they want to be popular.”

The twins deny the accusation, saying they are “pretty liberal now,” although when asked about the Holocaust, Lamb said, “I just think everyone needs to frickin’ get over it. That’s what I think.”