Mum stabbed daughter, asked for a hug, and stabbed her again

The woman was an 'exceptionally good' mother until the incident in which she tried to kill her 11-year-old daughter

A woman who has not been named for legal reasons stabbed her daughter with a large knife before pausing to ask for a hug, and continuing to attack her, despite her daughter crying “I love you” throughout.

Ealing Canal, where it is alleged the mother planned to kill herself and her daughter. Picture via Flickr.

The woman, who worked in a nursery, was described as an ‘exceptionally good’ mother until she became very depressed. She became convinced the world would be a better place without her, and that her daughter would be ‘better off dead’ then left without a mother.

When her daughter collapsed, the woman attacked herself, but survived. Her daughter underwent a 10-hour-surgery to be saved, but now has severe injuries and a large amount of heavy scarring. As soon as she was awake after surgery, the girl asked to see her mother, demonstrating the bond they used to share.

The Old Bailey heard that the mother took her daughter for a walk to the shop in Ealing, before producing a knife and stabbing her near the canal, despite her daughter’s emotional cries.

The mother pleaded guilty to attempted murder, and revealed she has suffered from depression for just over a year. She has been detained under the Mental Health Act.

The Metro reported the defence saying; “She was the very foundation and heart of her family. She did nothing to bring on this mental disorder which has wrecked her life.”

The Judge said it was a tragic case for everyone involved. When both sides have presented their arguments, the Jury will have a difficult decision to make on the future of this family.