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Woman's Supreme Court bid for custody of her child fails

Lesbian who co-parented child told she has no rights

A lesbian woman who co-parented a child with her Cincinnati partner has been told that she has no right to custody of the child as they did not have a written agreement giving them both rights.

Mullen's attorney has suggested that this case is far from over. Image via SXC.HU

Karen Mullen gave birth to the child and a series of documents were signed which stated Michele Hobbs was a ‘co-partner in every way’. Mullen revoked these papers when the pair split in 2007, and Hobbs sued, saying she had parental rights.

After two failed court attempts, Hobbs took her case to the Ohio Supreme Court, where the vote was upheld 4 – 3. The court did note that both parties had strong evidence, but said that all agreements should be in writing, and permanent.

The court noted that Hobbs “has sympathetic facts”, but said non-parents do not have any rights under the Constitution, according to Cincinnati News.