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16 pound baby could set record in Texas

"Little" JaMichael Brown is the size of a six month old

Janet Johnson was shocked to find out that her 4th child weighed in at over 16 pounds.

When the mother-to-be arrived at the Good Shepherd Medical Center for a scheduled C-section, doctors had previously estimated the baby around 12 pounds.  But when JaMichael Brown was born at 9:05 on Friday morning he tipped the scales at a whopping 16 pounds, 1 ounce, 4 pounds heavier than the estimate.

Click to see baby JaMicheal. Photo via Wikipedia Commons

It will take a few days to confirm, but staff members at the hospital think that he could break the record in Texas.

“I can’t believe he’s that big,” Janet told reporters.  “A lot of the baby clothes we bought for him will have to be returned. They’re already too small for him to wear.”  Ms. Johnson also said the nursery diapers they had were much too small for the baby.

Like most mothers of babies born this large, Janet had developed gestational diabetes, reports The disease can be controlled with diet and exercise, but sometimes medication or insulin is used.  Complications for the baby can include, problems during delivery, development of diabetes in adulthood, low blood sugar  and an increased risk of death and stillbirth.

JaMichael will stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in order to monitor his blood sugar.

“I’m happy,” Johnson said. “We’ll be here for a few more days, and then I’m looking forward to bringing JaMichael home and just loving on him.”

Recently, an Indonesian woman gave birth to a 19.2 pound infant. However the largest baby ever born was back in 1879, according to the Guinness Book.  Anna Bates of Canada had a 23.12 pound baby, but the child passed away 11 hours later.