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Mother charged after toddler dies in hot van

Mum charged with manslaugher after letting 3-year-old tot die in hot van

It’s a tragic story – 33-year-old Elena Isabel Rodriguez was doing housework, and believed her son was watching television. In reality, he had become trapped inside the families van, and died as temperatures topped 90 degrees.

The boy became trapped inside the families broken-down van.

Rodriguez, who has seven children, said she had no reason to believe that her 3-year-old had gone outside, but an hour and a half after he left another child found his body.

The County Sheriff said Rodriguez had been negligent by leaving her child unsupervised for so long, and not knowing where he was. She was being held on a $40,000 bond, and now faces a jail term of between 2 and 40 years for manslaughter.

It is unknown if Rodriguez had an attorney, or what will happen to the other children should their mother be imprisoned, according to the Guardian.