Parents pay thousands to turn infant girls into boys

Hundreds of Indian girls are having sex change operations, some as young as one year old.

A shocking new trend has been revealed – Indian parents are paying thousands of dollars to change baby girls into much longed for baby boys.

It is claimed that rich parents from Mumbai and Delhi are travelling to Indore for the surgery. Picture via SXC.HU.

The procedure, called genitoplasty, is usually used to correct genital abnormalities in grown adults. The operation involves a doctor using female organ tissues to ‘grow’ a penis, and administering hormone drugs. It usually costs around $3200. Parents desperate for a boy are pressing ahead with the surgery despite warnings that it will make their child infertile.

The practise is said to have become very common after gender determination scans during pregnancy were banned, due to expecting parents aborting baby girls. The male/female ratio in India is a growing problem. The report identifies at least 7 experts, each who are said to have performed the operation between 200 and 300 times.

The Metro reported one parent who admitted that their two-year-old has had the surgery said; “I think he would not be confused over his gender when he grows up and can live a normal life as he would not have any memories of the surgery.”

However, the report has lead to calls for the practise to become heavily regulated. Dr Anil Bhadoria, of the Indian Medical Association, said: “There has to be some guideline or law on how a child who is barely old enough to talk can undergo a life-changing surgery at the parents’ will.”