7-year-old drives car 20 miles to 'find Dad'

A 7 year old boy stole his stepfathers car and managed to drive it 20 miles, apparantly looking for his dad.

Police recieved a call from a concerned motorist who spotted the child driving. Screenshot via AOL news.

The boy, from Michigan, had to stand up to be able to control the pedals while he was driving, until he was pulled over by police, allegedly for driving at 70mph and veering into the shoulder several times.

The police were shocked to find a 7 year old behind the wheel, dressed in pyjamas and bare foot. He was crying, and repeatedly told officers that he wanted to find his Dad.

AOL report that the child stole his stepfathers Pontiac Sunfire while his Mum was asleep after completing a late shift.

Both the Department for Human Services and Huron County Prosecutor’s Office are involved in the case; though neither have decided whether to file any charges. So far, it is not clear if anyone had taught the child to drive.