Parent's pet ferret chews off their babies' fingers

A four month old baby boy has lost seven of his fingers after his parent’s pet ferret chewed them off.

Both parents have been charged with one count of endangering a child's welfare.

Ryan R Waldo and Carrie R Waldo, 33 and 25, have both been charged with first degree child endangerment after it emerged that their son was home alone at the time. They have not responded to the charges yet.

Initially, the parents reported that they were sleeping when the attack happened, on January 10th. They claimed they awoke to hear their son screaming, and threw the ferret against the front of the dishwasher, killing it instantly. They then phoned 911, and at 2.30am, the ambulance arrived to find the baby with two thumbs and a segment of little finger.

At hospital, the baby had to have the remains of the 7 fingers amputated down to the knuckle.

However, soon after the police began investigating, the parent’s story fell apart. Phone records showed that the couple had been texting each other while they had claimed to be asleep, and when studied closely, the phones GPS signals revealed that they were not home.

Investigators conducting a search at the house then discovered that the couple had moved a number of things before calling the ambulance, such as the swing they had left their son sleeping in, and documents also indicate that although the Waldo’s told investigators that their ferret was not aggressive, a ferret rescue organization claim that the couple had wanted to give them the ferret, alleging it had bitten their child twice already.

The infant has been removed from the Waldo’s custody, along with their sibling, while the parent’s await trial.