15 year old Lymphoma sufferer touches hearts with bucket list

A 15 year old girl from Cumbria has become famous after creating a blog containing a ‘bucket list’.

Alice P - Image via PostPals

Alice Pyne suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and there is very little that doctors can do to prevent it from spreading further. As a result, Alice created a private blog to share with family and friends, so she could update everyone with pictures as she completed her aims.

The list contains a variety of ‘normal’ activities, such as visiting Cadbury World, staying in the Chocolate room at Alton Towers, having her hair done, photoshoots and whale watching, alongside things Alice wanted to do but now cannot, such as visiting Kenya and becoming a dolphin trainer.

When she was diagnosed with the disease four years ago, Alice began campaigning to get people to join the bone marrow register. She has helped to get 1,100 donors to sign up, and at the very top of her to-do list to add more.

Her blog was found by online visitors who began leaving comments, and soon was a talking point among social networking such as Twitter and Facebook. Last night, ‘Alicebucketlist’ was a trending hashtag, and Alice even got a mention from UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

“I’m very sorry to hear about the situation facing Alice, and what she is going through. We want to get as many people on the bone marrow register as possible.”

Many of her dreams appear likely to come true – comments on her blog reveal that Cadbury World have offered her four tickets, and many photographers and home owners were offering help to achieve her other dreams. There was even discussion on how to make some of her more unlikely dreams come true – Alice can’t leave the country to go to Kenya, so many people are plotting on how to bring Kenya to Alice.

Alice and her sister, Milly, who suffers from Crouzon’s Syndrome, can both be contacted through the Post Pals website too.