Botox mom now claims extortion, not abuse in a bid to get her daughter back

Whether you call her Botox Mom, Sheena Upton or Kerry Campbell, the stage mom who claimed to have injected her 8 year-old daughter Britney is now claiming it was a hoax.

Stage mom now claims it was all a lie and she never injected 8 year-old Britteny with botox. Screenshot via ABC News.

Upton alleges that the whole story of shots and bikini waxes was scripted by a broker, who gave her a script and arranged the interviews with Inside Edition and Good Morning America. According to documents she provided to the celebrity news site TMZ, she was not to do interviews with any other news source or divulge that she was being paid.

The Sun, a UK tabloid that first broke the story, claims that botox mom is lying and a reporter from another “reputable” news source actually witnessed Upton performing the injection.

The story caused a major backlash and resulted in the daughter being taken away by Child protective Service of San Fransisco while they conduct an investigation.  ABC is now saying they will not pay the $10,000 for the interview.

If Upton did not perform the shots, then she knowingly lied for profit and could then face criminal charges. Either way she may not regain custody of her daughter, who is the unfortunate victim in a mess her mother has created.