Man accused of killing schoolgirl Milly Dowler approached 11 year old the day before

As the trial of Levi Bellfield continues, the jury has heard evidence from another girl who claimed Levi offered her a lift the day before Milly Dowler went missing.

The judge and jury have made Milly's last walk home, and seen CCTV from the day of her disappearance.

Rachel Cowles, who was 11 at the time, described walking home from school when a man in a red car stopped next to her. According to Sky News, he claimed he had just moved in next door, and offered her a lift home. Rachel refused the lift, and the man drove off when a police car drove past.

Rachel described the man as white, bald and rather chubby. She described an earring in his left ear, and said he was approximately 30 to 40. She said the incident made her uncomfortable, and she had decided to go home to see if the car was next door. While Rachel did report the incident at the time, she told police she could not describe the driver.

When the media began broadcasting pictures of Levi’s red car, Rachel’s mum wrote to the police to suggest a possible link. The court heard that Rachel failed to pick out Levi in an identity parade.

This is the third day of Levi Bellfield’s trial. Yesterday, jurors visited the train station where Milly enjoyed lunch with her friends, and drove her route home, towards Levi’s house. They also visited the spot where her body was found. On day one, they were informed of the facts regarding Milly’s disappearance, and told about Bellfield’s past.