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Toddler rescued from two-story ledge by passerby

Two year old Hayden and mother, Michelle Harris-Potter. Hayden gave his mother a scare when he was found on a two story ledge. Screen shot via WHDH TV.

A good Samaritan in Swampscott, MA, might have saved a toddler’s life when he noticed a toddler standing on the edge of his second story home, after successfully climbing out the window. The passerby yelled up to the boy to stay put. He told KPLC 7 that the boy, who was identified as 2 year old Hayden, did listen to him. The tot was reportedly crying and scared. The gentleman then climbed up the side of the house and rescued the boy without incident.

The good Samaritan turned out to be a neighbor, Todd Flannery. Police were called and reportedly told the mother to keep a more watchful eye on her son. Apparently the boy just wanted to go outside. His mother, Michelle Harris-Potter,  told WHDH TV that her precocious two year old must have opened the window some more because she only had the window open a crack, and further, kicked out the screen. Hayden’s mom says the toddler keeps her on her toes as he tends to find his way into various situations of mischief while she also tends to her young twins. She said she was glad he was okay. She said that she panicked when she noticed he was missing.