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Voluntary recall of 'Toxic Waste' chewing gum; FDA says unsafe lead levels found

Toxic Waste Candy Short Circuit Bubble Gum has been volunarily recalled for lead levels. Photo via Candy Dynamics website.

A voluntary recall has been issued by a U.S. confectionery named Candy Dynamics. The gum, which is coincidentally called “Toxic Waste Candy”, has been recalled for what the FDA deems as unsafe lead contamination. The bubble gum’s description on it’s website says this about the gum, “Toxic Waste® Short Circuit Bubble Gum is sure to make sour candy and gum lovers pucker with delight. Presented in bite size gum fashion filled with ultra sour powder, kids will be struck by the intense souricity when they reach the shockingly sour core.”

This is a bubble gum that is specifically marketed towards children because of it’s sour taste which tends to appeal to children.

A random test of the gum by the FDA found an unsafe level of heavy metals, particularly lead which was at levels above the amount the FDA allows for safe consumption. Via a press release issued by the company, they recalled the candy voluntarily and provide the following identifying information: The product was sold in retail stores throughout the U.S. and imported from Pakistan between the dates of January 4, 2011 – March 18, 2011. This recall is said to affect only Lot #15070SC12 and that no other Candy Dynamics brand candies have been cited for contamination at this time.

Anybody in possession of the chewing gum is urged to call the company and report it. They can be reached Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST at 317-228-5012.