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Two year old suffers life threatening injuries after horse kicked her

Bree Petrie, equestrian champion and mother to toddler injured by horse. Photo via Petrie Equine Construction website.

An Australian toddler’s life hangs in the balance while lying in a drug induced coma after a horse reportedly kicked her in the head. Her mother, Bree Petrie, is a recent award winning equestrian in Australia who has been described by a neighbor as ‘passionate about horses’, according to the Herald Sun. Apparently, the toddler’s mom was leading the horse, unaware that her toddler daughter had been hurt. After glancing around for her daughter’s whereabouts, Bree found the baby unconscious and lying on the ground.

The Brisbane Times reports that the toddler suffered from several injuries as a result of the horse accident. The toddler is reported to  have a fractured skull and may have also endured spinal injuries. While her vital signs are currently stable, doctors are unsure about whether her injuries will cause permanent disabilities. Paramedics said she had a large hematoma which indicates an extensive brain bleed.

It is believed the accident happened when the toddler walked in front of the horse and was inadvertently kicked or trampled by the horse.

A neighbor points out a streak of bad luck put  upon the parents lately. Wynand Doller told the Herald Sun,  “It doesn’t seem fair, as the roof of their house blew off two weeks ago in the storm – and now this.”