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Massachusetts boy dies after escalator fall

Screenshot via CBS Boston

A young boy from Dudley, Massachusetts, died after a fall from an escalator in a department store at a nearby mall.

4-year-old Mark DiBona was rushed to the UMass Memorial Medical Center, but was pronounced dead before 10 p.m., reports the Worcester Telegram.

The boy had reportedly been at the Sears store at the Auburn Mall with family and friends when he toppled from the second floor escalator. Authorities say Mark was pulled “through a 6-inch gap between the escalator and a plastic barrier” and fell on top of a store display case below. The district attorney told reporters that while the case is still being investigated, “there are no signs of foul play.”

Mark’s father, Eric DiBona, announced the news of his son’s death on his Facebook page:

“To all my friends that have not heard the news the good lord has come and taken our blessed angel mark away. we thank all for there comments and prayers. they say the lord work’s in mysterios [sic] ways. I and will say that this is his biggest mystery of all. uncle dave and grandpa bob please! keep him safe till I get there. I MISS YOU SO MUCH BUDDY!!”

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission over 10,000 people suffer injuries on escalators each year.