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Pit Bull has history of attacking children; police say they can't do anything about it

Pit bull similar to the one that has been accused of attacking several children.

A tan pit bull in a Shelbyville, TN neighborhood has a history of aggression, especially towards children, but police say there is little they can do. Back in October, the pit bull mauled an 8 year old child, taking a large chunk out of the child’s cheek and requiring upwards of 87 stitches. At the time, charges were not filed because the little girl walked into the home, uninvited and on her own. The owner, AJ Stones, claims that the pit likely saw her as an intruder and couldn’t blame the dog for the attack.

Last week, the dog somehow got loose within the neighborhood and set it sights on a 3 year old toddler who was out, taking a walk with her father, Tony Farrar. The father told the Times-Gazette that they were minding their own business, watching a set of playful kittens romping around a neighbors yard, when the pit bull came out of the blue and lunged at his daughter, Jasmine. Farrar says he picked his daughter up and held her up high and the dog just kept trying to get at her and bite her. Finally, the dog knocked the father over. Thankfully, two men came to their rescue — a meter reader and a neighbor. The unnamed neighbor took the child to safety while the pit bull continued to allegedly bite her. The meter reader reportedly stopped the dog from biting and subsequently was bitten on his arm.

Animal Control said that there was nothing more they could do but write a citation because upon arrival, the dog had been taken inside by another neighbor. Apparently, if the dog is not currently loose, not much more can be done in the town of Shelbyville. While the citation will require a court appearance, the wife of the pit bull owner has indicated that she’s not going to get rid of the dog unless the courts force her to.