Mom leaves with pedophile boyfriend and toddler

Candace K. Watson, who’s apparently no rocket scientist, decided that her pedophile boyfriend would be a great person for her and her 3 year old baby daughter to take off with into seclusion.

On Nancy Grace last night, the missing toddler’s Grandmother admitted that her daughter was previously addicted to crystal meth but didn’t know if she was still using.


Obviously this baby is in grave danger and who knows what the mother will let this pedophile do to her for drugs or money.

Wearing a white t-shirt with the Disney figure Minnie Mouse on the front and light purple shorts that read “Sweet” on their front, Haylee Elizabeth Jade Donathan, 3, was last seen on May 28, 2009. Haylee is 37 pounds, 2’5” tall, brown shoulder-length hair and, blue eyes.

Both Haylee and her mother, Candace K. Watson, 24, were in the company of a an individual now wanted by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s Adult Parole Authority for violating the conditon of his supervision, that individual, Watson’s boyfriend, is Robbi Doug-las Potter, 27.

Potter was admitted to prison in December of 2006 for a third-degree felony conviction for sexual battery of a minor, an incident that occured here in Crawford County.