Daughter kept in cellar for 24 years

An Austrian woman, now 42, was found in an Austrian cellar where she had been locked up and raped over the course of 24 years. The woman was the daughter of her abuser. Seven children were fathered as a result, although other pregnancies or babies may not have survived.

This is not the first time an Austrain female was found hostage in Austria. Last year Natascha Kampusch was found after being held in a bunker for 8 years, and snatched by a pedophile. Vienna has long been a safe haven for many pedophile rings. Recent busts have exposed these rings and cracked down on this phenomenon.

Police in Austria have freed a woman who was allegedly locked in an underground dungeon and abused by her father for 24 years.

The woman, named as Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, is believed to have been sexually abused and beaten by her father, 73, since 1984, as he kept her hostage in a cellar beneath his house in a village near the town of Amstetten in Lower Austria.

Police suspect that the man – who has not been named for legal reasons – fathered his daughter’s four children, the oldest of whom is 19.