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Goooooodbyyyyye Mom. I'll write soooooon.

Poor little diddle.

A toddler got whisked away, down an airport conveyor belt on an adventure that lead her down 4 miles of tunnels and possibly through an Xray machine.

A two-year-old girl who wandered off in an airport suffered cuts and bruises after she was whisked into a baggage conveyor belt system.

The toddler walked through an empty check-in desk at Manchester Airport and hopped on to the luggage machine.

She was then swept down the four-mile long tunnel of the conveyor system and trapped before being rescued by an engineer.

A source said her clothes had been torn but she only needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises. It was not known if she had passed through an X-ray machine but she was discovered in the first of three tiers of the baggage system.