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Another baby forgotten in the backseat of a car

A mother, working at Hooters in Pheonix, Arizona, allegedly forgot her toddler in the back seat of her car when she went to work. She forgot to drop her baby off at daycare and returned to her car where she discovered her dead son.

This happens so often and why??? Why are parents forgetting about their most precious cargo? Why are daily distractions enough to forget about your own baby? Why is it so common? Could this happen to you??

PHOENIX — A 17-month-old boy left unattended inside a hot car for at least seven hours in a north Phoenix Hooters restaurant parking lot was found dead Tuesday afternoon.

FOX 10 Phoenix reports the baby’s mother had planned to drop the child off at childcare before heading to work at a restaurant near Bell Road and Interstate 17.

Instead, authorities say the mother went to work with the child still inside the car.