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The Changing Face of Halloween

Halloween today in no way resembles the Halloween of my youth. We trick-or-treated with pillow cases until 10pm, dumping them out at home once full and then heading back out again.?‚? House after house, street after street was?‚? bustling with costumed kids and adults.?‚? We yelled “trick-or-treat” in unison no matter our age.?‚? It wasn’t until I was probably about my daughter’s age, 11, that?‚? anyone start “checking” the candy for razors or other special things.

Even though my neighborhood has lots of kids, I’ll be lucky if?‚? I?‚? see one Elmo and a smattering of princesses.?‚? Trick-or-Treating in my town is from 3 to 7.?‚? I guess doling out the three bags of candy I bought today is?‚? not only?‚? a pipe dream, but tomorrow’s dinner as well.?‚?

And as?‚? if remembering the glory of Halloweens past?‚? my isn’t enough, my preteen daughter hit up history for her hippie costume,?‚? and that?‚? whole ordeal catapulted me?‚? right into the future.I did not put one even one Halloween decoration this year, and my kids didn’t care. My 14 year old shrugs his shoulders at the mention of Halloween, just hopeful I bought candy he likes. My daughter is going to a friend’s house after school, putting on her costume and trick-or-treating with other pre-teen girls in their neighborhood.?‚? ?‚? That means she won’t even our doorbell.?‚?

It also means my photos of tomorrow’s event will be handed to me from an eleven year old, not uploaded from my digital camera.

Unless of course I put on a costume of my own and follow her around.?‚? Which I threatened to do?‚? promised I would never do.?‚?

Anyway in this day and age, that would probably get me arrested.