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Mother, declared brain dead, gives birth to twins

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Boys delivered by C-section at 25 weeks gestationChristine Bolden, a 26-year-old woman from Michigan was pregnant with her third and fourth children, twin boys, when on March 1 she suffered brain aneurysms.  According to mlive.com, Christine was walking out of a building in Grand  Rapids with her boyfriend and 3-year-old son when she felt a sudden […]

Program gives babies greater access to donated breast milk

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Breastmilk donors still needed nationallyLast month, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation that premature infants should be fed with either a mother’s or a donor’s breast milk.  Human milk is generally the most preferable form of nutrition for pre-term and medically fragile babies.  Not all mothers are able to produce enough milk to […]

Newborn survival rate in U.S. ranks surprisingly low

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A 20 year analysis of newborn death rates around the world published in PLoS Medicine showed that the number of newborn deaths in the United States ranked 41 out of 45 among industrialized countries, equal with Qatar and Croatia. The World Health Organization and Save the Children conducted the study, which also showed that the number of infants who […]

Man becomes Grandad at 29 – Is he the youngest grandad in the World?

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Britains youngest grandad says he is “absolutely delighted” to be a young grandadShem Davies, aged 29, had his daughter Tia when he was just 14-years-old. Tia has now given birth to her own child, Ava Grace, a week before her 15th birthday. Ava was born 10 weeks premature, and weighing less then 2lbs, but she […]

Study: Pregnant women can enjoy a glass of wine

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New studies suggest a glass of wine per day will not increase risk of premature babiesHaving half a glass of wine per day will not increase your chances of a premature baby, or affect your babies growth, a new study has shown. Researchers reviewed 10 studies on the topic of alcohol in pregnancies, and concluded […]