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Toddler abducted from Wash. park, you won’t believe why

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Witnesses screamed and panicked as they watched a frightened, crying toddler boy be taken by two masked men in a Sequim, Wash. park on Saturday, according to the Peninsula Daily News. The men were seen pulling up in a minivan, one wearing a black knit mask and the other wearing a blue knit mask with […]

Strange tweet goes viral: 'Found a baby on my lawn, that's new'

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A woman residing outside Portland, Ore. tweeted an unusual message on Tuesday after she something highly unusual lying on her front lawn. The woman, whose twitter handle is “kristen g ™” called police on Tuesday morning, around 7 am, after she walked outside and discovered a 4-month-old baby boy lying on a blanket, underneath a […]

Alabama man holding child hostage, SWAT teams respond

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A man by the name of Jimmy Lee Dykes, 67, is holding a 6-year-old hostage in a church in Midland, Ala. leaving SWAT teams and police to try to figure out how to ensure the youngster’s safety. Police say Dykes kidnapped the child from a school bus on Tuesday after boarding a bus driven by […]

Missing teen, forced to have kidnapper's baby, escapes after two years in captivity

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After first being reported missing over two years ago, a Washington Park, Illinois, teen escaped from the home where she was allegedly being held by a man and his mother. The girl, who was 15 when she disappeared, was reported as a missing or runaway juvenile in April 2010, by St. Louis, Missouri, police. According to […]

Girl kept in "dungeon" and tortured for 10 years sues city of Philadelphia

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20-year-old Beatrice Weston is suing the city of Philadelphia, claiming that city officials failed to act appropriately and properly train workers which could have prevented the nightmare she endured. In October 2011, Turgut Gozleveli, a Philadelphia apartment building’s landlord, found two dog bowls in the apartment block.  Pets were not allowed, and Gozleveli questioned the […]

6 arrested for the kidnapping and horrific torture of their roommate at gunpoint

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Unified Police in Utah say they have arrested a group of 6 roommates for kidnapping another roommate and subjecting him to horrific torture, including using a Dremel drill on him, for many hours. Thomas Chapman, 41, had moved into the home at 2931 S. 8950 West near Salt Lake City just ten days ago, upon the agreement that he would remodel […]

Student kidnapped and kept in a homemade dungeon for two weeks

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A teen boy was on his way to school when he was kidnapped and held in a makeshift underground dungeon cell for two weeks.  The boy was targeted because his father is a wealthy businessman, and the kidnappers threatened to kill the boy if the parents did not provide them with $315,000 in ransom. The […]

Newborn found alive after being kidnapped from slain mother

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Mother was shot to death outside a doctor’s office in suburban HoustonTexas police say they have found a newborn baby who was abducted from his dying mother Tuesday afternoon and have a suspect in custody District Attorney Brett Ligon of Montgomery County, Texas, told reporters that 3-day-old Keegan Schuchardt is safe and will soon reunite […]

Neighbor saves little girl from kidnapping

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Albuquerque, New Mexico police say the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl was foiled by an alert neighbor. The neighbor, Antonio Diaz Chacon, saw a man snatch a little girl and shove her into a van as she walked home from a neighbor’s house just before 5 PM on Monday. According to police, Chacon jumped into his car and chased the kidnapper until […]

Taliban hang 8-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan

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KABUL (BNO NEWS) — Suspected members of the Taliban on Friday hung the 8-year-old son of a local police commander in southern Afghanistan after ordering his father to surrender, according to a news report on Saturday. The Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) news agency reported that the young boy was kidnapped by militants in the Greshk district […]

Father saves son from kidnapping on beach

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Armando Uvalle (30) was on the beach with his family when a convicted child molester, Tyrone Hill (37), brazenly scooped up Uvalle’s 2 year old son (who was inches away from his father) and started walking away with him. Uvalle chased the man down and snatched his son back. Armando Uvalle said he had noticed […]

Networks court Jaycee Dugard for television interview

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Coinciding with much anticipated release of Jaycee Dugard’s memoir, networks are begging Dugard to break her silence and grant them an interview which would surely be a coup for any station who gets it. Jaycee Dugard, the woman who had been missing for 18 years after being abducted by a stranger at the tender age […]

40 arrested in China human trafficking bust, 22 children rescued

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BEIJING, CHINA (BNO NEWS) — Chinese authorities on Thursday announced the arrest of 40 criminal suspects linked to large-scale child abduction cases and the rescue of 22 kidnapped children. Su Tonghui, 30, and other members of a human trafficking ring were arrested by local authorities after being caught kidnapping children in southwest China’s Yunnan Province […]

Police: Kentucky woman killed friend for baby

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Authorities in Warren County, Kentucky, say that a woman killed her pregnant friend in order to kidnap her baby. Kathy Coy, 33, was arrested and charged with the murder of 21-year-old Jamie Stice after Coy went to a local hospital with a newborn baby and claimed it was hers, according to WHAS-11. Hospital personnel notified […]

Body of Summer Inman found in septic tank

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The body of an Ohio mother missing for over a week has been found in the septic tank of a church. Logan, Ohio, police say Summer Inman, 25, was found Tuesday evening in the septic system behind a rural church. Police indicated that Summer’s mother-in-law, Sandra Inman, spoke with her attorney and then provided the […]

Police: Woman faked pregnancy to kidnap baby

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Police in Altoona, Pennsylvania, are saying a woman charged with kidnapping a baby girl had been faking her pregnancy since last summer. Sherry Beere, 19, is being accused of kidnapping her roommate’ss 1-month-old niece early Saturday morning in a planned move that included stashing baby clothes at a relative’s home and immediately calling the baby […]

Briant Rodriguez reunited with mom

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An abducted child story has a happy ending for once. Two weeks after he was kidnapped at gunpoint by two men who broke into his family’s San Bernardino, Calif., home, 3-year-old Briant Rodriguez today was back safe and sound with his family. “It was emotional for everyone,” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Doug Hubbard […]

Cops catch kidnapping suspect

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Police have arrested a man who they say tried to kidnap a baby that he saw through an open door. Police arrested Stanley Allen Tomlin, 38, of Bakersfield, Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping an infant from her central Bakersfield home, close to where a little girl was nearly abducted over the weekend. At about 2 […]

Man grabs kid in mall, found not guilty by reason of insanity

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A 19-year-old who grabbed a child on an outing to a suburban Chicago mall has been found not guilty because he doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand his crime. Arthur Robinzine, 19, of the 800 block of South Wolcott Avenue has been in the custody of the Illinois Department of Human Services since January. […]

Police find boy, arrest stepfather

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Authorities have reunited a mother and her 11-year-old son, who had been missing for 3 days. The boy’s stepfather has been arrested and charged with kidnapping. Grand Rapids Police found the boy and arrested Mikell Huff on kidnapping charges after receiving a call from the youngster. David told police he was at the home of […]

Kidnapped boy and mom found safe

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A Florida woman and her son, allegedly kidnapped by the child’s father, have been found safe. Rashell Renee Pennell was found locked inside a gas station bathroom in Lexington, S.C., early Monday morning. The woman told investigators that 45-year-old Robert William Custer, her former boyfriend and the father of her child, put a handkerchief to […]

Kidnapped baby found in car trunk

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A baby reported missing early this morning has been found, in the trunk of a car of all places. The child’s mother, Asia C. Sterrett, 20, told police that she had about five friends at the apartment when she noticed that her son was missing at about 1:40 a.m. After searching the apartment, Sterrett called […]

Neighbor charged with 7-year-old's murder

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We’re going to be even more thankful for our pleasant, non-psycho neighbors — because while they may mow the lawn a bit too early on a Sunday morning, we don’t think they would ever kill our children. How chilling that this was probably someone they saw every day. The neighbor of a girl found dead […]

Fugitive father, three kids found dead in Georgia

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Two weeks after Columbus, Georgia man Eddie Harrington kidnapped his three children — 23-month-old twin girls Agena and Aliyah Battle and his 3-year-old son Cedric — they have all been found, but it’s not a happy ending: A Columbus man and his three young children were found dead in some Muscogee County woods Wednesday, two […]

Fort Lewis soldier arrested for kidnapping child, killing 2 other soldiers

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A 22-year-old female solider at Fort Lewis, Washington, has been arrested for fatally shooting two fellow soldiers, Randi Miller and Timothy Miller — the two were husband and wife — and kidnapping their 7-month-old daughter. Prosecution is claiming jealousy as the motive. The 22-year-old woman and the female victim, identified today as Randi Miller, 25, […]