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Facebook friends warn mom of toddler’s potential eye disease

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The risk of posting pictures of your kids online is the potential for busybodies to voice a well meaning, but sometimes misguided, concern. For a 3-year-old Memphis, Tenn. toddler, Rylee, those busybodies may have saved the tot’s eyesight. Friends of a proud mom who posted her daughter’s photo on Facebook urged her to get her […]

Teacher posts duct taped students picture, now assigned arbitrator

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An Akron, Ohio teacher is in hot water after she allegedly posted a picture on her personal Facebook wall, showing some of her middle school students with duct tape over their mouths back in Oct. 2012. The teacher has been on paid leave since Oct. 19. Melissa Cairns, a math teacher at the new Buchtel […]

Facebook rolls out big Timeline changes

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Some Facebook users in New Zealand and parts of Europe have a warning for their Facebook friends across the pond —  this week Facebook rolled out another major design change to user’s walls. Facebook users may be pleasantly surprised with the changes however, with those currently using the latest redesign reporting some added flexibility and […]

Children take to Facebook in viral plea for a pet cat

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Two young Newton, Massachusetts, children took to their mother’s Facebook page to make a case to their dad for a pet cat. Apparently the children’s father, Dan Urbano, told his kids if they could get 1,000 Facebook ‘likes’ on a message or photo about their request for Urbano to get them a cat, he would get […]

Amanda Todd, 15, dead after relentless bullying by peers and an Internet predator

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Amanda Todd, 15,  was a Canada high school student who took her own life last Wednesday after she made a huge mistake and couldn’t live with the bullying aftermath. Todd made a mistake she couldn’t live down. Todd was fooling around with her girlfriends on a webcam and filmed herself with her shirt off. A […]

Mother potty trains nude twins in the middle of restaurant

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Patrons at the Thanksgiving Point Deli in Lehi, Utah, witnessed a very unusual scene during the lunch rush on Tuesday – a mother potty training her twin daughters right at their table in the middle of the restaurant. The two girls had their clothing pulled completely down and were perched naked on portable toddler toilets […]

Parents pose as 15-year-old on Facebook to show daughter her sex offender man is bad news

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Sedro-Wooley, Washington, parents pulled off an elaborate sting to prove to their daughter that her registered sex offender boyfriend, Liam Elms, was bad news. Jesper and Julie Myrfors said that when their 16-year-old daughter first introduced them to Elms he seemed charming.  Then, they found out that he was a registered sex offender and tried, […]

Facebook for children under 13 may be on the way

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Facebook is exploring ways to allow children under 13 to use the site. The policy against children under 13 is partly due to the fact that children that age need parental supervision before any information — particularly the kind that Facebook deals in — can be collected, and partly due to privy and safety concerns. […]

Teen's Facebook photo leads to robbery

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Check your privacy settings! An Australian teenager learned a hard lesson about privacy when her parent’s house was robbed just hours after she posted a photo of a large amount of money belonging to her 72-year-old grandmother. The 17-year-old was helping her grandmother count her savings in Sydney when she posted a photo of the […]

Facebook removes pictures of deceased baby, suspends outraged parent's account

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Baby was born with a rare birth defect and only lived 8 hoursOutraged parents Heather and Patrick Walker are looking for answers from the social networking giant Facebook as to why they took down the pictures she posted of her son, Grayson James Walker, who was born February 15, 2012 with a rare birth defect, […]

Mom uses Facebook to shame daughter

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An Ohio mom has found a unique way to punish her daughter for talking back — by publicly shaming her on Facebook. Denise Abbott reportedly became fed up with her daughter Ava, 13, being disrespectful to her. So she decided to create a profile picture of Ava and posted it to the popular social networking […]

New "couples only" social network idea gaining popularity

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For those who feel that sending messages of love (or lust) to their partners on Facebook is a bit too exhibitionist for them, the new Between “global couple platform” may be just what the love doctor ordered. The site allows more online intimacy between two (and only two) people, allowing you to send private messages […]

Daughter of viral video laptop shooting dad, "He over-reacted"

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Tommy Jordan and his daugher Hannah Marie dish on dad’s brand of discipline on the Today ShowThe daughter of the man who shot up her laptop after she posted a rant on her Facebook page (about how unfairly she was treated by her parents), was on the Today show this morning to discuss her father’s […]

How a Korean father would respond to daughter's facebook rant

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Here’s how a Korean father would shame his daughter had she wrote smack about her Dad on da ‘Book Face’ah’:

Dad posts video response to daughter's Facebook rant

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While most parents of teenagers roll their eyes when their kid complains about what a “rough” life they have, one dad took it a step further when his daughter put up a rant on her Facebook wall about all of the chores she has to do. In response, this father of a rebellious 15-year-old girl […]

18-year-old arrested after bragging about burglary on Facebook

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PROTIP: If you don’t want to be busted for burglary, don’t post about it on Facebook. That’s a bit of advice Isaiah Cutler, 18, of Pittsburgh learned a bit too late after police arrested him for the burglary of a convenience store with three other teens after Cutler posted a photo on his Facebook wall […]

Man arrested after posting Facebook pic of duct-taped baby

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Chicago police have arrested a man who they say posted a photo online of his one-year-old daughter bound in duct tape. According to The Smoking Gun, Andre Curry, 21, was charged with aggravated domestic battery after displaying a photo on his Facebook profile showing the girl with her wrists and ankles wrapped in blue duct […]

Your college kid's drunk Facebook photos could indicate future alcoholism

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A new study shows that young adults willing to share their drunken exploits on social media sites like Facebook are much more likely to have trouble with alcohol later in life. While binge drinking in college leading to future alcoholism has been the subject of various studies, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison say that […]

Oops! Mom's Facebook complaint costs sons' football victories

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A Tennessee mom has stumbled upon another one of the pitfalls in posting personal information on Facebook. Rodney and Ryan Belasic, two football players for the Perry County High School Vikings, were found to have been ineligible to play in the team’s first three games of the season after their mother’s Facebook post tipped off […]

Mark Zuckerberg announces more Facebook changes at F8 conference

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Facebook caused a major ripple across its 750 million member strong social network when it rolled out various changes to the website on Wednesday. And now site founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says they are not done tweaking Facebook just yet. Speaking at F8, the site’s developer conference, Zuckerberg announced several new changes for the […]

Facebook poll helps couple decide on baby name

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Illinois couple ask Facebook friends to vote on their favorite baby nameA Crystal Lake, Illinois couple who are expecting, have taken to Facebook to help them decide on their baby’s name. Lindsey Meske is due in January 2012 and has been at odds with her husband Dave over what to name their baby once they […]

Facebook faces congressional panel over child privacy

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Even in the wake of privacy changes at Facebook, officials from the social networking site are meeting with members of Congress to review how the company protects children online. Congressman Ed Markey (D-Mass.), who is the co-chairman of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, has been fighting in Washington to increase Americans’ privacy online, especially children. Markey, […]

Oprah's secret for dealing with stress: meditation, tequila

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Former queen of talk Oprah Winfrey sat down at Facebook for a web chat to discuss the struggles of her new network and how she deals with stress. Winfrey was interviewed by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at the company’s Palo Alto headquarters, as part of a series that has previously included interviews with singer Katy […]

Facebook revamping privacy features to make site safer for teens and adults

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Facebook appears to have taken a page from Google+ in regards to privacy and sharing concerns. The social media giant will now provide drop-down menus on individual status updates and profile information allowing users to select specific “audiences” who can read what they post, rather than showing to the whole world. It will also provide other tools which will allow users to […]

Facebook is making your kids dumb

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New study outlines the pros and cons of social mediaIs your child having trouble with their school work? Facebook may be to blame. A new study looking at the impact of social networking on teenagers found that Facebook can be a decidedly distracting force when it comes to school, and can have an effect on […]