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Taliban beheads two children

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Taliban militants in Afghanistan reportedly beheaded two children on Monday, ages 10 and 16, as punishment for stealing food. The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement based in Afghanistan. They have warned of increasing attacks against American forces this year, which they named their spring offensive. Although the Taliban has largely targeted American forces […]

Young girl spotted in dog cage on back of pickup truck

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A 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl is now safe after police responded to a tip by several motorists who saw the young girl riding in the back of her parents pickup truck, inside a dog cage, on Monday evening. Authorities say that they received several calls from concerned motorists who said  they saw the girl inside a […]

TIME magazine photo of Boston Bombing tot goes viral

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The cover of TIME magazine’s May 2013 digital edition, covering the Boston Marathon bombing, has drawn criticism and analysis from other media sources such as the Christian Science Monitor and the Huffington Post on Thursday. The cover shows a toddler boy, frightened, crying and bloody with the headline, “Tragedy in Boston.” The cover photo is for TIME’s May […]

Kentucky Mom Enters Plea in the Case of Leaving 19 Children Alone

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On July 6, 2012, police found 19 children left alone in a home close to Bowling Green. On Tuesday, Jackie Farah was arrested and charged with fourteen counts of criminal abuse and five counts of wanton endangerment by the Warren County Sherriff’s office. According to the police, Farah left 19 children alone in a home […]

Hurricane Sandy: Three victims so far were children

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The ‘perfect storm’ which struck the eastern seaboard of the United States on Monday, known as “Hurricane Sandy” has sadly resulted in many fatalities, some of them being children. According to Fox News, the tallies of deaths so far are spread among five state: New York, five. New Jersey, three. Pennsylvania, three. Connecticut, two and […]

Does post-partum depression lead to shorter children?

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According to the journal Pediatrics, the answer may be yes. A new study by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, Md., found that 4-year-olds whose mother suffered mild or moderate depression during their first year of life were 40% more likely to be at or below the 10th percentile for height than children […]

Which cities have the most and least spoiled kids?

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The ratings website Bundle.com has put together a list of which cities spend the most and the least on their children. Bundle looked at how much parents spent on toys, clothing and non-essential items for their children and determined the average amount spent over the past three years. They then compared that to the national average. It did […]

Majority of children spend allowance immediately

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A new study conducted by the American Institute of CPAs shows that while 61% of parents say they give their children an allowance (the average is $15 a week, or $780 a year), only 1% say their children save it. Children are not being set up with a realistic relationship to money. Although 89% of those aprents […]

Signs of heart disease found in obese children

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A study just published in Archives of Disease in Childhood found that warning signs of heart disease — typically considered a disease of middle age — have been found in obese children as young as 2-years-old. Researchers from VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam studied  307 severely obese children between the ages of 2 and 18. Two-thirds of […]

Disney to eliminate junk food ads from its programming

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Disney announced today that it will eliminate junk food advertising from its television, radio, and online programming geared toward children under the age of 12. Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger, along with First lady Michelle Obama, made the announcement at a press conference held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Disney will also introduce the “Mickey […]

Facebook for children under 13 may be on the way

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Facebook is exploring ways to allow children under 13 to use the site. The policy against children under 13 is partly due to the fact that children that age need parental supervision before any information — particularly the kind that Facebook deals in — can be collected, and partly due to privy and safety concerns. […]

Study says TV decreases kids' self-esteem, except for white boys

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A new study by Indiana University shows that watching television decreases the self esteem of white girls and black children of both genders, but increases the self esteem of white boys. And the more TV they watch, the stronger the effect. “Children who are not doing other things besides watching television cannot help but compare themselves […]

Study: Pornography linked to mental illness in children

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British researchers at London’s Portman clinic, a National Health Survey (NHS) outpatient psychotherapy clinic, have found usage of pornography in 26.5 percent of its young patients.  The Sun has reported that it has risen dramatically from less than one percent in the late 90s. The researchers are claiming there is a link between mental illness and pornography […]

Connecticut House unanimously passes grandparent visitation bill

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Connecticut’s House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday that would allow grandparents to petition the court for scheduled visitation of their grandchildren in the event that the parents of their grandchildren divorced. Under the proposed bill, the grandparents would be required to show that they had a close relationship with their minor grandchildren […]

6-year-old killed by floating log at California beach

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A 6-year-old girl who was vacationing with her family in Santa Cruz County, California, has died after being struck unconscious by a water-soaked log that spanned 15 feet by one foot while swimming at Live Oak beach. The young girl was said to be playing and swimming at the beach, when a heavy log floated […]

Video captures woman brawling on college campus while holding toddler

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A video that shows a brawl between students at a community college campus near St. Louis — including a woman holding a toddler — has gone viral. The brawl started Monday at the St. Louis Community College at Meramec when one woman holding her young daughter got into an argument with another woman, according to […]

Hippotherapy: How horses help people heal

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A unique combination of therapies, hippotherapy provides physical and mental health benefits for children and adultsHippotherapy, the use of horseback riding for therapeutic purposes, was first mentioned in writings by Hippocrates, the notorious father of modern medicine. Despite the long history of use, the medical practice wasn’t acknowledged until the 1960’s when doctors began using […]

Child porn charges land former D.C. teacher on FBI's Most Wanted list

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has placed a former teacher at a prominent private elementary school in Washington, D.C. on its list of the 10 most wanted fugitives over allegations that he possessed and produced child pornography. The investigation into Eric Justin Toth started four years ago when somebody found pornographic images on Toth’s camera […]

7-year-old plans to give back to hospital that treated him

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Seven-year-old, Hunter Mehl, is a now a healthy second grader from Hobart, Indiana. As an infant and toddler, however, he experienced seizures and was treated at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now, the seven-year-old wants to give back. Riley Hospital offers comprehensive, family-centered care to children and promises never to turn a […]

Childhood narcolepsy linked to adjuvanted flu vaccine

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A response to the H1N1 threat has unexpected consequencesIn 2010 the number of Finnish children with narcolepsy took a steep climb, prompting an investigation into the H1N1 flu vaccine, Pandemrix. Hanna Nohynek of the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland and Markku Partinen of the Helsinki Sleep Clinic studied the narcolepsy increase from […]

Reye's syndrome: The reason you shouldn't give aspirin to children

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This rare illness is linked to giving aspirin after a viral infectionAdults with young children need to remember: Don’t forget about Reye’s syndrome. According to WebMD, Reye’s syndrome most commonly affects children between the ages of 6 and 12. It comes on very suddenly during recovery from a viral illness like the flu or chickenpox. […]

New hope for children with peanut, food allergy issues

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Special cells in the intestine offer ‘safe passage’ for allergensPeanut allergies, affecting 2 percent of the population, account for the most food allergy-related deaths in the country.  Now, scientists have discovered a mediator cell used to usher allergens through the intestinal tract without eliciting an exaggerate immune response. The intestines are lined with a variety […]

Germ exposure makes for healthier children

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A new study reveals why overprotective parents might not be doing their kids any favorsHygiene hypothesis, the theory that exposing children to pathogens early in life is beneficial, has been unproven and speculated about for years. Just recently, a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) reveals that researchers were correct in their assumption: Germs […]

Does your child have pinworms? Do you?

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Pinworms are a common intestinal parasite found in people of all ages and social standingsAccording to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis ) is a common parasitic infection in people of all ages. It is often more prevalent in children–largely due to the close-quarters of daycare centers and schools–but is a cause […]

Child behavior issues linked to smog inhalation

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A new study of pregnant, inner-city women reveals link to depression, anxiety, and inattention in childrenThe inhalation of smog—the name we give to that nasty, polluted, fog-like haze hanging precariously overhead—is a huge concern for pregnant women, a new study reports. “This study provides new evidence that prenatal exposure to air pollution at levels encountered […]