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Survey: 38% of dads admit faking sleep to avoid feeding baby at night

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A recent survey released by Chicco USA last week (a manufacturer of baby bottles), says that both moms and dads fake that they are asleep to avoid getting up to feed their baby in the middle of the night, but dads do this much more often. The opinion survey was conducted among 1,060 U.S. parents of children 18-months […]

Baby formula is "like AIDS"

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Expectant parents attending a breastfeeding education class were subjected to some shocking commentary by one of the class counselors. The mommy wars reached a new low point when the acclaimed speaker told the couples that baby formula is “like AIDS.” “Formula is a little bit like AIDS,” the leading counselor told the group of soon-to-be […]

Row over photo of dad feeding baby

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A recent ad featuring Piri Weepu, a beloved New Zealand rugby player, feeding his 6-month-old daughter has really caused a brouhaha in New Zealand. The photo was a to be a two-second shot included in a public service anti-smoking advertisement for the country’s Health Sponsorship Council.  However, La Leche League and other motherhood advocacy groups […]

Study: Breastfed babies are more irritable than formula fed babies

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Cambridge study shows that breastfed babies are more difficult to sootheIn a controversial new study published by Cambridge University researchers in the UK, mother’s of formula fed babies, compared to mothers who exclusively breastfed, report that their formula fed babies are more content, laugh more, cry less and are generally better behaved than their counterparts. […]

Baby bottle blues: Prolonged bottle feeding may add to child obesity

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  A recent study revealed that babies who are still sucking on the artificial teat of a baby bottle at age 2 are around 33% more likely to put on excessive weight by the time they turn 5. The bottle usage and weaning habits of over 6,700 children were analyzed in a wide-scale, national study […]