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Abandoned baby discovered in NYC apartment lobby

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NYPD continues search for infant’s mother, who could face child endangerment chargesNew York resident Chen Ling got an unlikely surprise when she took out her trash Saturday afternoon. On her way to the garbage drop, Ling discovered an abandoned baby boy lying in the lobby of her Brooklyn apartment. The infant, estimated to be between […]

California Mom allegedly pawns baby off on homeless people

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Abandoned baby reportedly left with random homeless coupleA homeless couple sleeping in a tent in downtown Los Angeles, California were awoken in the middle of the night Tuesday, when a woman came by trying to frantically enter their tent. The woman was carrying a baby boy who looked to be about 6 months old. The […]

Baby found in intersection

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Authorities in Denton, Texas are looking for information about an infant that was found in a car seat in the middle of the road. A woman told police she found a male infant between 3 and 4 months old in a car seat in the intersection of Audra and Nottingham at about 8 p.m. on […]

Father arrested for leaving baby at Ruby Tuesday

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Sure, they have a gigantic salad bar and all, but we don’t recommend Ruby Tuesday as an appropriate place to abandon your child. According to police, employees of the restaurant at 50 Shunpike Road called police after they found the infant alone in a booth in the dining area. Police eventually were able to locate […]

Denver baby found dead in basket

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Couldn’t this “mother” have walked a few more steps and brought the infant inside? Colorado has a “safe haven” law, where you can surrender your to a hospital or fire station within 72 hours of birth without prosecution. Denver Police were looking for the person Wednesday who left a newborn girl in a basket outside […]

Shoplifters use baby to distract security guard

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What’s an obvious sign of mothering detachment? How about using your baby as a human barricade at a crime scene?: GREENBURGH, N.Y. (AP) _ Two suspected shoplifters abandoned a baby boy at a discount store when approached by a security guard, police said Monday. “They pushed the baby carriage toward the security guard and fled,” […]