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Really bad parenting skills…

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ATLANTA — A young boy’s mother drove a getaway car for her son and other local teens involved in a burglary spree, police said Friday. Police continue to look for Lakechia Woodard, 36, for driving her 12-year-old son and three friends to a house off Flat Shoals Road where they stole 14 rifles. Suffice it […]

Florida teachers try a new form of corporal punishment

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PINELLAS PARK — Authorities in Pinellas County, Fla., are investigating accusations that two school teachers enlisted two older boys to beat up younger students in the classroom as a form of discipline, and then tried to thwart a police probe of the incident, MyFoxTampa reported Saturday. All this while one teacher stood by and laughed. […]

Toddler dumped by dad, police believe

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Poor little pumpkin…who can just leave a beautiful little girl in a train station and then flee the country? Hopefully Australia has better sense than America and doesn’t try to give the girl back! A TODDLER abandoned at a Melbourne railway station was dumped by her father before he fled to the US, police believe. […]

Baby fatally mauled by Rottweiler

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WARREN, Mich. (AP) — A 4-month-old baby was fatally mauled by a Rottweiler while her mother had stepped away to warm her bottle, according to police and broadcast reports. Stepped away to make a bottle?? Are the police buyin’ that bull? Like she wouldn’t hear a baby crying while a big dog was tearing its […]

Mother races freight train, loses

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A mother caught on video more than week ago trying to race a freight train with her mini-van in northwest Indiana, before two of her children were killed when their vehicle was hit by two trains, died from her injuries early Tuesday. Edie Bolanos, 32, was pronounced dead at 2:10 a.m. at Loyola University Medical […]

Boy jumps from SUV being repossessed

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A 4-year-old Naperville boy was slightly injured after jumping from a vehicle that was being towed along Indian Trail Road, Aurora police said Friday. Workers apparently didn’t know the boy was inside the SUV when they towed it, police said. Filed under dumbass for the tow truck driver, not the boy.

Man jailed for letting toddler smoke, drink

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A man involved in the videotaping of a toddler smoking a cigarette and drinking tequila will serve 29 months to seven years in prison and was strongly admonished by a Lackawanna County judge Wednesday.