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Arkansas: Body of missing 4-year-old Caleb Linn found

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The soon to be 4-year-old boy who went missing last Saturday while apparently wandering off from a trail that lead back to a Boy Scout camp site he was staying at, has reportedly been found dead and his body has been recovered. The Arkansas pre-schooler was said to be with his aunt in a remote, […]

Amber Alert: Texas toddler, Devon Davis, missing

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The mother of 2 1/2-year-old Devon Davis, a Cleveland, Texas toddler who went missing yesterday afternoon, says she woke up from a nap to find him gone. Devon’s mother said she woke up around 3:30 pm from a nap and went looking for Devon but he was nowhere to be found. She says she napped […]

13-year-old Chicago boy missing

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Roiale Thomas, 13-year old boy went missing from the Chicago area last night.  He is described as 5-foot-1 and weighing about 100 pounds. He has a 3-inch scar on the right side of his face and short cropped dark hair. He was last seen in the area of Augusta Boulevard and Marshfield Avenue, near Ashland […]

Missing Illinois woman and sons found alive

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Laurie May, a former LaGrange Highlands, Illinois teacher, and her three sons were reported missing on February 16th after May had a late night verbal altercation with her fiance. It was believed that she had fled the state with Destiny Gruba, a former student of hers. It was also believed that Laurie drove down to […]

Houston infant kidnapped eight years ago found alive

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A baby who was reportedly kidnapped eight years ago from his Houston, Texas home is apparently alive and being returned to his family after police finally tracked down his kidnapper with the help of Child Protective Services. Krystle Tanner was the victims babysitter and alleged kidnapper when the victim was 8 months old. It is […]

Medsker family: Mich. father, mother and newborn missing

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Police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of an entire Michigan family. A couple and their infant son were last seen on February 23, 2012. While police are not suspecting foul play at this time, they have released a news release asking for the public’s help in locating them. The Medsker’s family and friends are worried […]

Florida teen lies about her own abduction

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Police say 17-year-old Jade Beneby was secretly with a young man she met onlineThe good news is that Jade Beneby of Delray Beach, Fla. was found safe and unharmed after her abduction was reported on Tuesday. The bad news for the 17-year-old high school senior is that she will now have to go through a […]

Florida Asperger teen missing since Sunday

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A 17-year-0ld teen with Asperger, a higher functioning form of autism, has been missing for nearly 48 hours. The Seminole County teen, Brandon Lassonde, went to the local library around 4 pm on Sunday, but never returned. His family says he’s disappeared before, but never has he been gone this long. The Seminole County Sheriff’s […]

Unresponsive toddler pulled from Florida canal

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two year-old found with no pulse in a Lauderdale canalA Florida family is mourning the loss of their two year-old daughter today after the girl wandered off and fell into a Lauderdale Lakes canal and drowned. Jona Lilavois had gone missing yesterday afternoon at around 2:30PM. She wandered away from her house, while both of […]

Georgia girl fights off abductor

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‘Stranger Danger’ training saved girl.A Georgia seven year-old fought off a 25-year-old man who was trying to abduct her from a Bremen, Ga., Wal-Mart. Brittney Baxter was browsing the toy aisle in the store when Thomas A. Woods of Austell, Ga., came up from behind and grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth […]

Missing girl's father pleads with abductor

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Daughter abducted by armed man Wednesday evening.“Please send my daughter home, I will give you anything in this world.” This was James Koenig’s plea to his daughter’s abductor. Samantha Koenig, an eighteen-year-old barista at the Common Ground’s Espresso stand, which sits in the parking lot of the Alaska Club, in Anchorage, Alaska was abducted Wednesday […]

Alleged abduction: Missing Connecticut infant and mother found safely

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A missing baby girl and her mother who have been missing since Wednesday night, have been located safely. Kelly Acevedo and her infant daughter were reported missing by Acevedo’s mother and the child’s father. A silver alert was issued Thursday, and by early morning Friday, Kelly Acevedo and her seven and a half month old […]

Police: Ayla Reynolds blood in father's home, 'more blood than a small cut'

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Missing toddler’s blood found in dad’s homeInvestigators in the case of a missing Maine toddler, Ayla Reynolds, may have a new lead implicating Ayla’s fathers in some sort of foul play. Leaked reports state that Ayla’s blood was found in her father’s home. Ayla was last seen on December 16, 2011, where she was staying […]

Calysta Cordova: 9-year-old Colorado girl rescued after abduction

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Amber Alert CancelledAn Amber Alert has been cancelled after a missing 9-year-old, Calysta Cordova of Pueblo, Colorado was found alive after a reported abduction. She had been missing since yesterday. The latest reports on her whereabouts came from witnesses who said they saw her around 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon. Some witnesses also reported that they […]

9-year-old girl missing from trailer park known to house sex offenders

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A 9-year-old Indiana girl with physical and emotional problems disappeared on Friday from the mobile home park where she lived.  The trailer park is a known haven for registered sex offenders. On Monday, FBI agents joined the search for Aliahna Lemmon, who went missing from a family friend’s home in the trailer park on Friday. Their arrival came  a day […]

Ayla Reynolds: Was missing toddler victim of abuse?

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Relatives of Ayla’s mother say they were concerned about missing tots well beingAn investigation into the life of missing Portland, Maine 2 year old, Ayla Reynolds, reveals a turbulent life for the toddler. Accusations of the father’s allegedly abusive behavior and her mother’s drug issues have put the case in the media cross-hairs of family […]

Elizabeth Smart speaks out at Fort Lee about abuse

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“Terrible experiences” should not “define us”Over 300 women attended an event where Elizabeth Smart talked about overcoming adversity. Smart was in Virginia to address how she has been able to rebuild her life since her abduction and the events surrounding the kidnapping. “I think so many people are able to rise above their challenges and they’re able […]

New details about what happened the night baby Lisa Irwin disappeared

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Could new clues reveal what happened to missing baby, Lisa Irwin?New evidence given by defensive parties within miles of the Lisa Irwin home who said they were at the home of Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley the night baby Lisa Irwin went missing, is starting an avalanche of clues for which amateur online crime sleuths […]

Not the first time missing Sky Metalwala left alone

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Parents left Washington boy in car as infantThe mother of missing 2-year-old Sky Metalwala had previously left the boy alone in the car when he was an infant. In 2009, police were called after witnesses noticed Sky by himself and strapped into a car seat in the parking lot of a Target, while his mother, […]

Two-year-old missing after mother leaves him behind after running out of gas

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Sky Metalwala missing after mother left him alone in carA Bellevue, Washington mother reported that her 2-year-old son, Sky Metalwala was missing after she left him alone for an hour inside her car. She told police she went to search for help after she ran out of gas. The police report stated that she left […]

Police: Missing baby Lisa Irwin's parents need to do more

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Three and half weeks after 11 month old baby Lisa Irwin disappeared from her Kansas City, Missouri home, police want the parents, Deborah Bradely, 25,  and Jeremy Irwin, 29,  to cooperate more readily and agree to whatever the police want. The police claim this hasn’t been the case and the parents of the missing infant […]

Casey Anthony Jurors names to be released tomorrow

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One hundred and eleven days after the acquittal of tot-mom, Casey Anthony, the jurors who found one of the most polarizing accused child killers innocent will have their names released. While Florida doesn’t typically with-hold jurors names, the contentious trial found jurors claiming to be afraid for their lives after the ‘not guilty’ verdict was […]

Theories: Where is missing baby Lisa Irwin?

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Everyone from experts to moms at the local playdates have their theories about what happened to Adding to the ‘who dunnit’ mystery of missing 10 month old infant (now 11 months old), Lisa Irwin, a surveillance video was just released showing a man whom witnesses claim was holding an improperly dressed baby on a chilly […]

Missing AZ 5 yr. old: Grandmother says racism to blame for lack of media attention

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Grandmother claims missing African American girl is being largely ignored by the mediaThe Grandmother of missing 5-yr.-old Jahessye Shockley is accusing the Glendale, Arizona police department of failing to get the missing persons report out to the public because the little girl is black. Jahessye has been missing since October 11, 2011, yet the case […]

Mother of missing student receives letter asking her not to put up so many posters

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Charlene Spierer, the mother of missing 20-year-old Indiana University student Lauren Spierer, says she found an unsigned letter when checking the Bloomington post office box set up to receive tips about what happened to 20-year-old. She says she was hurt by the letter, which complained about Bloomington being littered with search posters. According to Spierer, the anonymous note addressed to her read, […]