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Jessica Ridgeway: Sources say police have found her body

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Local media sources have confirmed on Thursday that Colorado police have found the body of missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway in a field a few miles from her home. Jessica had been missing since Friday. Jessica’s mother, Sarah Ridgeway, notified police on Friday afternoon, around 4 pm, that her daughter never reported to school that day. […]

Girl, 13, drives 800 miles to meet 'boyfriend', 12, who parents fear was really a predator

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Parents of a 13-year-old girl had the scare of a lifetime when they discovered their daughter had disappeared in the middle of the night and left behind a disturbing letter filled with lies to mislead them if they tried to find her. The parents used quick thinking and checked through their daughter’s cell phone, which […]

Father wrestles man who grabbed his two-year-old daughter

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Kelly Davis, 31, took his daughters to Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago last Saturday night so that they could see the big skyscrapers and lights. Davis told The Chicago Tribune, “We thought it would be a nice family outing to see the city at night and the girls could see the big skyscrapers and the […]

Isabella Sarah Tennant: Missing New York 5-year-old found dead in alley

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The body of missing 5-year-old Isabella Tennant has been found in Niagara Falls, New York this morning. Police say Isabella went missing sometime in the overnight hours but was reported missing early this morning, Monday, around 6 am. The Niagara County Sheriffs Office is now interviewing a neighbor who was the last person to see […]

Missing teen, forced to have kidnapper's baby, escapes after two years in captivity

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After first being reported missing over two years ago, a Washington Park, Illinois, teen escaped from the home where she was allegedly being held by a man and his mother. The girl, who was 15 when she disappeared, was reported as a missing or runaway juvenile in April 2010, by St. Louis, Missouri, police. According to […]

Ice cream man allegedly abducted 14-year-old

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An ice-cream truck driver, Omar Kareem Sellers, 39, was arrested late Thursday night in Garner, North Carolina after police responded to a missing child report and found the missing teen, 14-years-old, with Sellers several blocks from her disappearance. The teens parents called police after the girl failed to come around 9 pm on Thursday. The […]

Florida teen missing after liver transplant

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Destinee Fields left home without her medicationDestinee Fields, a 16-year-old female, has reportedly run away from her foster home shortly after undergoing a liver transplant. Fields, who currently attends Gateway High School in Kissimmee, Florida, reportedly got on her bus on July 19 but never returned home. Fields was residing with a foster family at […]

Two young girls still missing from Iowa since Friday

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Cousins Lyric Cook Morrissey, 10, and Elizabeth Collins, 8, missing from Evansdale, Iowa since FridayTwo young girls who went on a bike ride last Friday in a small rural town in northeast Iowa appear to have vanished into thin air. The girls were last seen early afternoon on July 13 before they set out on […]

Two Iowa girls missing since Friday — no leads, say police

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Elizabeth Collins, 8, and her cousin, Lyric Cook, 10, went for a bike ride in Evansdale, Iowa on Friday at around noon. They haven’t been seen since. The girls were reported missing when they failed to come back from their bike ride after three hours. Police found the girls’ bikes and a purse they had […]

Missing autistic boy found 30 miles away

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A missing autistic teen was found 30 miles from the hospital he went missing from, leaving authorities and family members perplexed as to how he managed to make the journey on his own. Kahil Gray, 15, went missing on Tuesday after leaving Chicago’s Comer Children’s hospital on Chicago’s south side. The teen was at the […]

Priest: Missing girl was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties and buried with mobster

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Father Gabriel Amorth, 85, the Catholic Church’s leading exorcist priest, is claiming that a missing girl that is believed to be buried in a gangster’s tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties. Police and forensic experts are searching the tomb of mobster Enrico De Pedis’s tomb for Emanuela Orlandi, a girl that disappeared when she was […]

Student kidnapped and kept in a homemade dungeon for two weeks

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A teen boy was on his way to school when he was kidnapped and held in a makeshift underground dungeon cell for two weeks.  The boy was targeted because his father is a wealthy businessman, and the kidnappers threatened to kill the boy if the parents did not provide them with $315,000 in ransom. The […]

Father of baby Lisa Erwin says debit card was stolen

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Jeremy Irwin thinks stolen debit card may hold clues in case of missing baby Lisa IrwinThe parents of baby Lisa Erwin, the infant who was reportedly snatched from her Missouri home last October when she was 10-months-old, have gone public with what they feel is another clue in the case of their missing baby. Lots […]

Two-year-old found abandoned near a Chicago University

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A two-year old girl was found abandoned on May 4, in a stroller in the University Village neighborhood of Chicago. DCFS spokesman Jimmie Whitelow states that she is in good health and that, “There are no signs of neglect or abuse. We just want to make sure we make an attempt to find her family. […]

Adopted boy grows up, sees himself on missing children's site

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Philadelphia man surprised to see himself on missing children’s siteA software salesman in Philadelphia was surprised to see himself on a missing children’s website. At 35 years old, he couldn’t believe that he was still considered “missing” after having been adopted more than 30 years ago. Steven Carter was adopted when he was 4-years-old from […]

Investigators: Madeleine McCann is still alive

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Almost exactly five years after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, investigators say that they believe the girl is still alive. McCann, then 3, vanished in 2007 from a Portugal hotel room where she was vacationing with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. Speculation that the McCanns were involved in their daughter’s kidnapping swirled after it […]

Boy, 5, awaiting heart transplant, abducted from hospital – FOUND

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KSDK NBC reports that a boy who was allegedly kidnapped from a St. Louis hospital while awaiting a heart transplant was located near Chicago early Wednesday. His father and grandmother have been taken into custody. Police found 5-year-old Porter Stone with his father, Jeffrey Stone, and grandmother Rhonda Marie Matthews, in Alsip, Illinois.  KSDK reports that the Amber […]

6-year-old girl missing in Arizona

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A six-year-old girl was reported missing from her Tucson, Arizona on Saturday morning. Isabel Mercedes Celis was last seen when her parent put her to sleep at their home on the 5600 block of  East 12th Street at 11 p.m.. When her father woke up at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, she was not there.The family called […]

Missing child case reopened 33 years later

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On May 25th, 1979, 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared. The boy was supposed to have walked one block from his home in New York’s SoHo neighborhood to the bus stop; within that block the child vanished. Ten days ago police brought a cadaver dog into the SoHo basement and the dog apparently got a hit on […]

10-year-old fabricates kidnapping to avoid mother

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A Scottsdale, Arizona girl who claimed that she was kidnapped after school yesterday admitted to police that her story was a fabrication. The 10-year-old girl was originally reported missing after her mother could not locate her when trying to pick her up from school yesterday afternoon. Witnesses saw the child walking away from the school […]

13-year-old girl missing from Chicago neighborhood

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A 13-year-old girl, I-Janeek Williams, went missing on Friday, April 9th. She was last seen in the 500 block of North Central Avenue in Chicago’s Austin Neighborhood. I-Janeek is described as a black female about 5-feet-tall, weighing 150 pounds. She has brown eyes and hair with a medium complexion. Williams’s was last seen wearing a […]

12 years after abduction of daughter, man gets 3-year sentence

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Alejandro Paz, 40, of McAllen, Texas has been sentenced to three years in jail on charges of child abduction. In June 2000, Paz, also known as Christian Hernandez, took his 18-month-old daughter from her mothers Aurora, Ill. home. In 2000 Paz showed up at the house while the child’s mother was at work and then […]

Abducted boy returned to his mother 8 years later

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A child stolen eight years ago, in Texas, has been found and will be returned to his mother later this week. Krystle Rochelle Tanner was the boys godmother and entrusted with his keeping for one evening, she betrayed that trust when she left the state with the eight-month-old infant. Auboni Champion-Morin reported her 8-month-old son […]

NFL star joins search for missing teen Sierra LaMar

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49ers quarterback Alex Smith lends a handSearchers for missing California teen Sierra LaMar received a helping hand over the weekend from an NFL pro. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith showed up on Saturday to join the almost 600 people searching for LaMar, 15, who disappeared on the morning of March 16 on her way […]

Devon Davis: Missing Texas toddler found dead in pond

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A missing Houston area toddler, age 2, was found dead this morning in a pond about 30o yards from the family home. The missing boy, Devon Davis, went missing last week on Tuesday, March 28. Devon’s mother, April Davis, says she put Devon and his sibling down for a nap and decided to take a […]