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Illinois pedophile claims Justin Bieber sent him subliminal messages

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An Illinois man admitted to Riverside Police on Monday that he took a train nearly 90 miles away from his home to solicit and prey on young boys at a community zoo. The Brookfield zoo is not where Lawrence E. Adamczyk, 49, wound up however. Adamczyk told police he intended to visit the Chicagoland zoo […]

Two young boys, father, get lost and die during hike

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An Illinois father and his two young sons, who reportedly got lost while hiking on the Ozark Trail in Missouri, were found dead over the weekend. David Decareaux, 36, along with his two sons, Dominic, 10, and Grant, 8, set out for a hiking trip on Saturday but got disoriented in the deep wooded trails. […]

70-year-old man marries 15-year-old girl

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A 70-year-old man in Saudi Arabia allegedly married a 15-year-old girl after paying, what he claims, was a large dollar amount to the family for the privilege. The act of donating cash to a family to compensate for the offer of marriage is not uncommon in certain parts of the world, mainly southern Asia. The elderly groom reportedly […]

Dogs save Missouri boy, 6, from freezing to death

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Ryle Smith, 6, of Seneca, Missouri, has his family dogs to thank for saving his life Friday night after Ryle got lost in the woods. Ryle’s parents, Ryan and Holly Smith, called police at around 5 P.M. CST Friday night after Ryle failed to come back inside after playing in the backyard. Police say the […]

Kim Kardashian says pregnancy is an 'adjustment'

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Kim Kardashian broke her silence about her pregnancy on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas while walking the red carpet for the first time since her boyfriend, Kanye West, announced the couple were expecting. Kardashian chose a skimpy fishnet outfit which strategically showed off some skin as her New Year’s Eve maternity outfit. The “Keeping […]

DNA tests to examine biological anomalies in Adam Lanza

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Two weeks after one of the most deadly mass shootings in America’s history where a 20-year-old Connecticut man stormed an elementary school and shot and killed 20 first graders, four staffers and then himself, the Imperfect Parent is learning that a prominent university will study the killer’s DNA. Adam Lanza was widely believed to suffer […]

Australian mother surprised tot's egg stash hatched venomous snakes

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A 3-year-old toddler in Townsville in Queensland state, Australia, gave his mother, Donna Sim, quite a scare on Monday when she looked inside the boy’s closet and found seven deadly, squirming snakes. The curious toddler, Kyle Cummings, apparently found nine eggs in his backyard and put them inside a take-out container. Kyle then put the […]

Illinois home intruder makes himself at home with family

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When Daniel Bailey, 32, of Mokena, Illinois, ran out of gas early Thursday morning, he apparently decided to break into a Will County home and make himself comfortable. Bailey reportedly ingratiated himself as a member of the family, acting as if their casa was his casa. The family told police that they found food missing, […]

Missouri legislature supports teachers with guns

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A new bill filed on Tuesday, authored and supported by two Republican House Representatives in Missouri, would give teachers or administrators the ability to carry a concealed weapon (gun) in schools and classrooms if they have the proper permit. Several Missouri legislators believe that the massacre that took place on Dec. 14, whereby a 20-year-old shooter broke […]

Nancy Lanza was ordered by judge to take parenting classes

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Nancy Lanza, mother of the 20-year-old Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, Adam Lanza, reportedly took parenting classes as part of her divorce decree in 2009. Ms. Lanza, 54-years-old, divorced her husband of 28 years in 2009. According to the divorce documents, which were released on Monday, the divorce was amicable and left Ms. Lanza with […]

Sandy Hook Elementary School may never open again

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Connecticut state police held a press conference at around 9:31 pm EST on Monday, 72 hours after the mass shooting of 20 first graders and 6 adults on Friday, addressing the school schedule for students in the Newtown Public School District in the next few weeks. Police say that school staff is meeting at the high school […]

Youngster in hospital after father cuts pentagram into his back

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A 6-year-old Richland Hills, Texas, boy spent 18 hours in the hospital after his father carved a pentagram into the boys’ back. The boy’s father, Brent Troy Bartel, admitted he assaulted the boy when he called 911 to report that his son was injured and bleeding. In an audio obtained by KSDK, Bartel can be […]

Stranger hands Grandmother $100 after gifts were stolen

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Merrily Fugate, an Oregon City, Oregon, Grandmother, was devastated when she went out to her gift-filled-car this weekend, after finishing up some shopping, only to find that all her gifts had been stolen. Fugate, whose first name honors her birthday — a day after Christmas, said while she doesn’t have a lot to spend on […]

8-year-old suffers abuse for putting slippers on wrong feet

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An eight-year-old Houston, Texas, boy, was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital on Oct. 1, after police went to the boy’s home to investigate a report of an injured child. On Dec. 6th, a criminal complaint was filed against the boy’s father, Jonathan Walker, 26, for allegations of child abuse. Medical reports from the hospital state multiple injuries including a […]

Adele's failure to file baby's birth certificate results in fine

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Adele has been fined $1,600 for failing to register the birth of her son with her local register’s office in the United Kingdom. Much like the U.S., most parents register the birth of their newborn at the hospital that they’re born in. It is believed that Adele declined the formal registration in effort to keep […]