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North Korea loses Kim Jong Il

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North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, died of a heart attack on Saturday at the age of 69. Known as the “dear leader” throughout the country, he passed his leadership onto the third generation of the Kim family after ruling the country since 1994.   Kim Jong Il was leader of the country for 17 […]

Ohio killer's 3rd victim identified

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Craiglist ads have become a notorious method for killers wanting an easy bait for their victims, and the trend continues in eastern Ohio. An ad promising work on a 688 acre cattle ranch has turned out to be a deadly affair with shallow graves producing bodies of victims believed to be tied to the ad, […]

Justin Bieber to take paternity test

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 Justin Bieber, teenage heart throb, is to undergo a paternity test for an alleged paternity suit being filed against him by Mariah Yeater. Yeater, a 20  year old woman, claimed that Justin fathered her baby during a brief backstage encounter last year after a concert held in Los Angeles by the  singer. Bieber’s representatives denied allegations […]

African Americans lagging behind in STEM degrees

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 Science, technology, engineering and math degrees are the gateway for many careers that are still growing in this economy, yet studies show that the United States is under  producing graduates in these fields. The largest group to fall behind in these fields is the African American population, studies show. The answer for why is a […]

Study: Kids are harmed, not helped, by watching TV

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A pediatrics group released a study on Tuesday which  noted that children under 2 should not be exposed to  television because of the harm it could cause their  development. The study reaffirms findings from pediatric studies conducted in 1999 that showed that children under 2 who were exposed had more developmental problems than children who […]

Groupon and Living Social may artificially inflate prices

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The online coupon web sites Groupon and Living Social are under fire for potentially inflating the regular prices of its advertised companies. In a study conducted by 10 of the vendors featured on Groupon and Living Social (5 from each) were called and asked about their prices concerning deals found on the respective sites. […]

North Carolina men convicted in terrorist circle

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A federal jury convicted three men of an attempted terrorist ring on Thursday. The jury was held for one month and the verdict sentenced Ziyad Yaghi, Hysen Sherifi and Omar Aly Hassan were convicted of a terrorist plot with the intent to carry out attacks on U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, VA.   The […]

Michael Jackson’s lawyer facing questioning about children’s notification

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In the third week of the Jackson trial, Conrad Murray is  expected to recount telling the mother and children of the late  superstar’s death. After Jackson was pronounced dead the  doctor was subjected to a 2 ½ hour police interview  recounting the moments when he informed the family.   Murray is under suspicion for the […]

Study shows that false confessions may be more common than previously thought

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  Dr. Gisli Gudjonsson is a professor of forensic psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College in London. He has recently published a study that demonstrates that almost 20% of criminals that have been convicted were convicted through a false confession.   Dr. Gudjonsson explains these phenomena after a large news flurry spurred […]

Chronic stress poses stumbling block for parents

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Study shows long term effects of stress on parentingChronic stress has long been under study by scientists but the most recent findings show that long term stressors, such as poverty or depression, can increase a host of negative behaviors in parenting. Melissa Sturge-Apple, Ph.D. is publishing the paper in Development and Psychopathology discusses the effects […]

Sex offender blames escape attempt on vegetarianism

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Joseph Megna is a convicted child molester and sex offender. He was arrested in Florida and was being transported back to Washington State for a trial when he escaped from the van and fled to the cornfields of North Dakota. There farmers began a massive man hunt which, after 22 hours, would finally track down […]

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, dies at age 56

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Extraordinary thinker and innovator dies too soonSteve Jobs resigned from his position as CEO of Apple in August, and news of his death have sent another tidal wave through not only the Apple company but the world at large. Jobs, renowned for his innovative business model and for Apples continually evolving product line and marketing, […]

Amanda Knox spotted in London on her way to SeaTac

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Knox headed for SeattleAmanda Knox was spotted in the Rome airport on her way to Seattle. The Seattle native was recently acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher and the Kercher family is reported at being dismayed with the trial results although still having faith in the Italian justice system. The search for Kercher’s killer […]

Premature babies have higher risk of death in young adulthood, study finds

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A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine has found that premature babies have a higher risk of death in early adulthood than babies born at full term. The study, conducted by Dr. Casey Crump of Stanford University, used Swedish medical records to track 674,820 births. Of these 4.1%, 27 667 babies, were preterm […]