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Obama moves G8 summit to Camp David

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In a White House statement dated March 5, 2012, The President announced “To facilitate a free-flowing discussion with our close G-8 partners, the President is inviting his fellow G-8 leaders to Camp David on May 18-19 for the G-8 Summit, which will address a broad range of economic, political and security issues.” The G6, as […]

Conservative activist and author, Andrew Breitbart, dead at 43

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Andrew Breitbart, the bad boy of American political conservatives, passed away today at the age of 43. Mr. Breitbart was out for a walk when a neighbor saw him collapse and they called 911. Paramedics rushed him to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. He is survived by a wife […]

Obama's one-term promise fails stress test

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“I will be held accountable. You know, I’ve got four years. … A year from now, I think people are gonna see that we’re starting to make some progress, but there’s still gonna be some pain out there. If I don’t this done in three years, then there’s gonna be a one-term proposition.” Barak Obama, […]

Less than "Bitter" PA Representatives respond to President's SOTU Address

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President Obama’s State of the Union speech has received mixed reviews, mostly along party or ideological lines. However, in Pennsylvania, the speech was not all praise and glory or doom and gloom. Which may seem odd, after in 2008, President – then Senator – Obama uttered those famous negative words about Pennsylvania voters. “You go […]

GOP field may narrow, but real choice shrinks to NONE

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Hunstman out. Bachmann out. Ron Paul won’t admit that he is also out. Maybe because he hears South Carolina calling. Rick Santorum just keeps bobbling around and getting odd support here and there (like Iowa’s Secretary of State, Matt Shultz, conservative activist Richard Viguerie, and evangelicals). Just enough to make him stick around a little […]

Todd Palin endorsement win-win for former AK Governor

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Many a pundit and columnist are delving into the news / not news importance of Todd Palin’s endorsement of Newt Gingrich as the GOP nominee for the 2012 Presidential race. “Who is Todd Palin’s constituency?” Joseph Weisenthal of the Business Insider tweeted on Monday (1/9). Sarah Husienga of the National Journal imparts that the former […]

Messina complains of superPAC influences and Tea Party agendas

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Jim Messina, Campaign Manager of Obama for America, sent out an email today (which is direct copy from his blog on the President’s re-election website). He points out that Iowa showed there is no clear member of the GOP candidates for President in the lead. He speaks of “unprecedented spending” on the part of both […]

What does Kim Jong-il's death mean for world?

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Kim Jong-un. A name that will be a shudder for the world, or just same of the old nonsense from North Korea. A nuclear power, North Korea has spent its past butting heads with the rest of the world. Now, with the death of his father, Kim Jong-il, this untested new world leader will have […]

Gallup reveals GOP nominees lackluster among voters

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Is an “acceptable” candidate electable in a general election for President? A recent Gallup Poll, found that a majority of Republicans polled found only two candidates currently in the running, Romney and Gingrich, to be acceptable to them. That is, more than 50% found them that way. All the other candidates – Bachmann, Perry, Cain […]

Buffett secretary still talking point for Obama tax plans

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Warren Buffett and Garrett Gruener have both made claims that they pay less in taxes. They say the government needs to increase the tax rate for millionaires. In Gruener’s case, he said in a L.A. Times article in 2010 that fluctuations in what he paid didn’t make any difference in “what I did with my […]

Herman Cain 'reassessing' candidacy

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Cain does yet another “reassessment” about his campaign, as the National Review Online breaks the story that he made a conference call to his staff this morning (11/29/11). Whether you believe the accusations or not, whether you believe in Herman Cain’s vision for America or not, and whether you believe he is qualified to run […]