High school student performs Heimlich, saves teacher’s life

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Emily Thouin, 16, performs Heimlich maneuver on teacher, saves his life. Photo via Facebook.

A 16-year-old River Mill Academy student in Graham, NC, saved her teacher’s life last week when she jumped to action as the teacher was choking.

The student’s teacher, Jon Weis, 42, said he took a bite of his biscuit and suddenly couldn’t get any air. Weis, a computer instructor said, “It was very scary. I was not getting any breath at all”.

That’s when one of his students, Emily Thouin, stepped up and quickly initiated the Heimlich maneuver on her suffering teacher. Thouin was able to dislodge the food, saving her teacher’s life.

Thouin has had two classes on CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, one from the Red Cross and the other in health class. Thouin’s interest in saving lives and helping people has inspired her to want to become a nurse.

Thouin’s mother told the Time News that she isn’t surprised that her daughter would do such a thing but says she was surprised the school’s phone call was about her daughter saving a life and not because she was in trouble, as she’s known to slightly rebellious. But she says, “I could see her doing that. I really could”.

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